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Friday 1 February 2013

Three Birthday Mice!

3 Sisters.
356 Days.
431 Posts.
1000s of Cocktails.
And even more Champagne....

Today is our first Blogiversary and looking back, we can't quite believe what an incredible year it's been! 

A year ago today we pressed the publish button and our very first blog post* zipped out of our drafts file and onto the big world wide interweb...! Unbelievably exciting, a little bit nervewracking and all quite strange.... None of us were pro writers or photographers and we didn't have anything particularly new or unique to blog about, but we just thought that our very own slice of the internet seemed like a great place to record and share with each other what we were doing, where we'd been travelling and which shoes were currently threatening to max out our credit cards... 

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And for the last twelve months that's pretty much what we've done. We've written about a sister holiday eating and snoozing at the heavenly Casa La Siesta. We've e-shopped til we dropped and reported back on where to buy Isabel Marant alike wedge trainers on a budget.  And (all in the name of research) we read all three installments of the Shades of Grey triology so that we could weigh in on the high-brow literary debate that's been consuming women around the world... 

We've spent a year waking up and logging straight on to the blog to check what's been written 5,995 miles away, while we've been sleeping. We've kept each other entertained on our daily commutes, made each other laugh over our drunken tales and surprised each other with secret Birthday blog posts (N) (M) (A). We've also bickered over whose turn it is to post, whined over missed nights out to catch up with our 'second job' and fallen asleep at our keyboards broken and exhausted after a hard Sunday's hungover writing marathon... To say we've loved every minute would be a blatant lie, but we've definitely loved the vast majority of the minutes! 

Highlights in our year of blogging have included meeting lots of lovely new people, from an array of awesome bloggers to the amazing people who we've interviewed for features and plenty of super nice PRs, jouranlists and fashionistas in between! The parties and launches that we've been lucky enough to be invited to have also been pretty fab - from panda sushi and stilettos at the Rob Pruitt X Jimmy Choo launch to the Isabel Marant Store Launch in Hong Kong. Last but not least, our total pinch yourself moment this year was the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards where we were awarded the Highly Commended Lifestyle Blog Award after just eight months of blogging! Too exciting for words!

To anyone who's read down this far - thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last year. We've been amazed to find that we seem to have blog buds reading what we write from various spots around the world. Please do stop by again as we start our second year of blogging and feel free to leave us comments, we love hearing what you think of all our Mouse Musings!

In honour of the several hundred thousand words we've spent several hundred hours researching, typing and editing this year, tonight we'll be raising a glass or two of Champagne in our opposite corners of the world. We hope you'll join us! Here's to a great weekend and another year full of blog adventures!


The Birthday Mice!

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*you may have noticed that our first post is actually dated 2nd February... while us Mice know our Louboutins from our Lanvin, unfortunately we still find the computer wizardry a little baffling... we promise we were born on 1st February, we just had a few timezone teething problems initially! We know, we know! But it's our Birthday, we can plead blondeness if we want to... !


  1. Congrats! I really love your blog, and look forward to the posts daily- out of all the lifestyle blogs out there I feel it is the most relevant to me, a 30 year old professional who has a serious job in the day, but not-so-serious interests the rest of the time. Thoughtful, interesting, on-trend and fun but intelligent writing. Thank you 3BM!

  2. XXXXX I think you deserve a few cocktails!!!

  3. Happy blogiversary to you three! May you have more wonderful journey!

  4. Happy blogiversary and contratulations for the Cosmo award!