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Friday 7 September 2012


It's the Middle Kid's Birthday!!!

So, in line with 3BM Birthday tradition, it's obviously a day for cupcakes, cocktails and most importantly.... BABY PHOTOS....

Big blue eyes, masses of blonde hair - was there ever such an angelic child? Hmmmm.... angelic is probably taking it a little far. Always dancing, drawing or riding her bike in her clogs (don't ask), she's always been a slightly hyperactive, very sweet little mischief maker. These days, thankfully she's swapped her clogs for Louboutins (although I think she's learnt her lesson about riding bikes in unsuitable footwear)and, if it's possible, she's even more of a mischievous little imp...

So here's to a weekend packed with tipsy Birthday fun and frolics and an amazing year full of laughing, Louboutins and adventures. 

Mini Mouse and I will be singing Happy Birthday (in person and down the phone respectively) to wake up the snoozy Birthday baby very soon, in the meantime, we would LOVE it if all our Blog Buds could join us in saying Happy Birthday! Even if you don't usually leave comments, we know she'd love it if you could make an exception today! 


  1. Ahhh! This is so lovely! How fab are all the photos! What a pretty lady! Happy birthday Melissa! xx

  2. Caroline Kavanagh7 September 2012 at 07:04

    Omg I love those pictures, beautiful girls x x x Happy birthday Melissa, have an amazing day x x x
    Love Caroline x x

  3. Beautiful blog, beautiful photos & beautiful middle mouse. Have a wonderful birthday. Minnie mouse & I will have bubbles in your honour tonight. Have a great day & weekend. Huge love, Becca xxx

  4. Happy birthday middle mouse! We'l try to go easy on you today... xxx

  5. Happy birthday baby - LOVE the photos xXx

  6. Happy birthday beautiful Melis! vXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Have a fabulous bubbly birthday from a friend of little mouse, Trees xx

  8. A little late... But Happy Biiiiirthday!!! :D Hope you had an awesome day :D xx