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Monday 30 March 2015

New Label Lust: Finery London

It's been a little while since we've experienced full on new label lust but having discovered Finery, we've fallen hard and fast. 

Even before we saw the label's debut collection we had the highest hopes for Finery given that it's the brainchild of the combined fashion genius of Caren Downie (former fashion director of ASOS), Rachel Morgans (previously Head Buyer at ASOS) and Emma Farrow (ex-Topshop Design Director and the girl responsible for your Topshop Unique habit...). How could that trio not deliver something awesome?

And we're delighted to say that the first collection more than lives up to the hype. Modern, contemporary pieces with a masculine edge - these are the foundations of your 2015 wardrobe. Better yet, price points are ridiculously affordable meaning you can give your wardrobe a total Finery uplift without bankrupting yourself - win, win.

Scroll down and start drawing up your spring shopping list...

Friday 27 March 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been....

Yipeeeeeee it's Friday and that means only one thing... 

Oh yes, get your head down and nose into that book, spreadsheet, power point or whatever tool takes over your working hours, and let's speed our way together through to gin o'clock!

But before you get carried away, grab a mug of tea and let me tell you all about what the Mice have mostly been doing this week...

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Donald Drawbertson Goes Nuts...

So, on Monday we blogged about rich dogs that Instagram and today we're bringing you a post about illustrated nuts... If you think you can bear listening to the ramblings of three Mice who've clearly lost the plot, read on...

In a similar vein to the rich dogs, today's obsession started with a little browse through our Instagram feed. One of our favourite Instagram accounts (which just happens to also be a fav of the CFDA) is the account of fashion illustrator, Donald Robertson AKA Donald Drawbertson. Known for his glam, leggy fashion plates and colourful, bold brushstrokes, we can always guarantee that a bit of DD magic will brighten our Instagram feeds...

Monday 23 March 2015

Who's The Doggy...

Boy oh boy have I got something to turn that miserable Monday frown upside down! Ever heard of the Rich Dogs of Instagram? If you have, you'll be knowingly nodding right about now and if you haven't well ... you're welcome! 

99% of the population shamefully use Instagram to broadcast the fabulous highlights of their lifes, from holidays in paradise to designer midweek purchases to Bolly being knocked back on a night in front of Saturday Night Takeaway because why-bloody-not! Well the Rich Dogs of Instagram have taken a leaf out of our book and are giving us a run for our money! We're talking serious doggy style, pups dousing themselves in Coco Chewnel and fridges devoted to chilling Dog Perignon! Wow, I really outdid myself there! Check out my favourite posh pooch shares below!!!

Bitch don't kill my vibe...

Saturday 21 March 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Oh, well if it isn't our second favourite F-word...

This week has been a bit of a dull one. Not only have the Mice found themselves with 5,995 miles back between them again, but we've also all been sick. And while the idea of being snuggled at home is nice in theory, when you have a kickass case of the flu with a bone-shaking cough, it's less pleasant. So if it's possible, we're even happier than usual to see the back of this week, very much looking forward to feeling better, and hoping beyond hope that we can manage to squeeze in at least a glimmer of fun this weekend. But, it hasn't all been doom and gloom this week, when we haven't been sniffling into our tissues and whinging about our wheezing, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Monday 16 March 2015

Cracking Chops - Blacklock...

After a short break we're back and raring to go! Having got our fair quota of sun, beach clubs, cocktails and partying, we're ready to fight the (fingers crossed) final few weeks of cold weather and hopefully see Spring shining through!

Thankfully there's been far too much going on with HK mouse back in London, for our holiday blues to really set in. With lots of stories to exchange, gossip to share and plans to get excited for, we thought a sister dinner was called for! After hearing some great reviews about Soho newbie Blacklock, we thought why not give it a whirl. 

From the street it doesn't look fact you'd be forgiven for walking straight by, however that would mean seriously missing out so keep those eyes peeled! The external makeshift appearance doesn't look too promising, but once inside expect London's favourite interior theme, urban shabby chic - exposed brick, dim lighting, blackboards, communal tables all surrounding the bustling open kitchen. Housed in an ex Soho brothel the ceilings are high and the ambiance is dark and moody - the perfect post work hang out to hide away from the real world. 

Typically you can't make reservations so get down there in good time or park yourself at the bar and make your way through the the cocktail list whilst you wait! Speaking of cocktails, they've crafted a short but sweet list for £5 - an absolute bargain. I opted for Grandma's spiked lemonade which went down far too easily - ice cold, refreshing and definitely on the good side of spiked! Next up we decided some bubbles were in order which arrived in beautiful cut glass saucers - chic and delicious, our favourite combo! 

Now down to serious business - the food. You'll be comforted to know that this beauty is backed by three ex Hawksmoor employees, so you're in seriously safe hands when it comes to meat. The menu is every carnivore's dream - completely dedicated to chops, chops and more chops! We decided to opt for the 'All In' and hand our fate over to the professionals. 

For £20 a head you get a selection of pre chop bites for the table - Egg and Anchovy, Cheese and Pickle and Filthy Ham - all nice (our favourite being the Egg and Anchovy) however nothing particularly wow...but trust me this is all about to change...

The star of the show comes in the form of a huge plate piled high with beef, pork and lamb chops - a dinner for champions! 

The meat is cooked to perfection...seared on the outside and pink and tender on the inside, with a delicious smokey, juicy, finger licking good flavour! The final cherry on the top...hidden beneath the golden mountain of chops you'll find charcoal grilled flat bread which has soaked up all the meaty goodness...I'm practically dribbling just remembering...heavenly! Included in the £20 you also get to pick a side favourite had to be the 10 hour ash roasted sweet potato and the kale and parmesan salad, but who am I kidding it's all about the MEAT!! 

If you have any room left pudding is available off menu (there's only one on offer at a time), we of course couldn't resist so shared a slice of vanilla and rhubarb word...DIVINE! 

All in all, a welcome addition to Soho - laid back, great food, affordable, cool vibe and fun music...the perfect all rounder! But keep it on the down low, let it be our little secret...!

Friday 6 March 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Cue the obligatory Fri-yay visual...

Yes people, the weekend is upon us - Hallelujah I hear you cry in chorus! You won't hear grumbles from us about long hours tearing our hair out at work or about gruelling workout sessions 
this week BECAUSE as you may have noticed via Instagram, the London Mice have been living it up in Dubai! Yep we flew out after work on Tuesday to stay with our fabulous friend, Ren for five whole days in the sunshine. Blissful! The week has been full of spoiling meals out, chatterbox girly catch-ups, poolside lounging with cocktails in-hand and late, late nights of boozing and dancing! We'll dish the dirt and share our snaps next week when we're back but for now, aside for holidaying, This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Getting ourselves holiday-ready! Clean eating - check ... gym sessions galore - check ... but, most importantly packing! We religiously do this over the course of a few weeks ... First stage is to pull every item of holiday clothing from our wardrobes into a big old pile on the floor. Second stage, is when it gets personal - making clothing cuts! Planning complete outfits is a must and being strict with what you're REALLY going to need ... harder than it sounds as we tend to use the following excuses to pack as much as possible ... 'well it's only teeny tiny, it won't take up much room' or 'but what if the perfect occasion arises in which a ball gown is a must' cue suitcase overspill! For this trip however, I can report a calm and collected approach was adopted. Only the absolute necessary teamed with the absolute fabulous, coupled with our holiday essentials of course...

1. Hawaiian Tropic - our favourite coconut suncream laced with moisture ribbons to keep our tanned skin silky soft.

2. Victoria Secret bikinis - to add that all important pop of colour to our tanning regime.

3. Miu Miu shades - to protect our eyes super spangle style.

4. Kindle - to keep our girly trash reading obsession satisfied.

5. Erborian sleeping BB mask - to inject all important moisture back into our skin after a strenuous day in the sunshine.

6. JBL wireless music speaker
 - no holiday would be complete without a portable pocket of fun tunes. 

7. Anya Hindmarch beach bag - to house all my beach essentials.

8. Valentino Rockstuds - never fully dressed without these fancy kicks.

9. Mylash magic in a bottle - to maintain the perfect long, flutter beach lashes.

10. John Frieda luxurious volume brush - my new secret weapon for big luscious flicky hair.

Nattering and chomping with one of my oldest school pals at Holborn's Rocket
A dilemma I face on a weekly basis is deciding where to meet friends for a bite to eat and a good old gossip after work. As you'll know from reading the blog, we're rather fond of our grub! We're signed up to all the hottest in-the-know newsletters ... The Nudge, The Handbook, Emerald St etc. to ensure we're always ahead of the game when it comes to brand new openings. That said, sometimes you don't have to and don't really want to spend a fortune on fine dining or a 7-course tasting menu. Sometimes cheap, cheerful and close by is just what you're after. Last Thursday was one of those days. I had a pig of a day at work and was dying to escape and ease the pain with a stiff cocktail or six. I was also ravenous but didn't want to completely fall off my clean eating wagon. Cue Rocket! Now you might have heard the name as there are a few of them dotted around London, one in Bishopsgate another in Canary Wharf and a further in the city but the one we opted for was the Holborn eatery - just a hop, skip and a jump from Soho. Perrrrrrfect!

The PR had kindly booked our table for 6.30pm so at 6.15pm on the dot I had shut down my computer and was out of the door like a flash. 15 minutes later I walked in to find my beaut
iful friend Claire getting stuck into the cocktail list - that's my girl! I started with a Bramble - gin muddled with lemon and blackberries - yum yum yum! Claire went slightly off piste and bravely opted for the a Lost in the Grass - La Penca Mezcal, Marlborough sauvignon blanc, lemon zest, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves, coriander & sugar - strange but strangely moreish too! 

We swiftly turned our attention to the menu before getting caught up in fast paced chatter catching each other up on what we'd been up to over the last few months. I'm happy to report, the menu is of a decent size offering the choice of simple food - I do hate it when a restaurant lists endless fancy ingredients of which i've never heard of before and as such am forced to use Google as my go-to glossary! Rocket says it as it is but I will warn you in advance, the portions are bloomin' huge so bear that in mind before ordering up multiple sides!

To wet my appetite I ordered up a tasty buffalo mozzarella starter, drizzled with homemade basil pesto, tomato, balsamic & basil salsa with toasted artisan bread...

And for main I picked an absolute corker - toasted sesame coated tuna steak, which may I add was cooked to pink perfection, served with a warm salad of green beans, broccoli, courgettes & red chilli drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise...

And all washed down with a bottle of beautifully smooth Marlborough Pinot Noir - my fav! For afters, we couldn't resist the delectable sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream...

What a feast and the piece de resistance had to be stumbling upon these little dudes as we toddled off at the end of the night...

... Rocket's restaurant mascot! Sweet touch!

That's it for another week you lovely lot. Now you must excuse us, we have a very busy day ahead, mostly doing this...

Have a super duper weekend all!

Lots of love

The Mice

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Oil Be There For You: The Beauty Oils We Can't Live Without

Not ten years ago, if you'd suggested slathering oil on my face in place of my moisturiser, or applying a slick of oil to my freshly washed hair, I'd have looked at you like a crazy person. 

Greasy hair and shiny T-zones were exactly what I was trying to counter with my beauty artillery, so surely that meant oil-free everything right? Wrong, actually. It turns out that using beauty oils can actually make skin and hair less oily in the same way that over-washing ends up over-stripping your skin and hair and perversely ends up making them even more greasy. 

These days, I'm fully sold on oils, so much so that I've got a bathroom cabinet packed with the stuff. From body moisturisers to lip balms and bath oils to face serums, here's my pick of the best of the bunch...


After a long day there's nothing more luxuriously indulgent than slipping into an oil-laced hot bath. I love all Jo Malone's fragrances but the fruity, woody Wild Fig & Cassis is my absolute favourite. 

Show Beauty Pure Treatment Oil

My first foray into hair oils was the Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment which although still a firm fav, has been somewhat replaced in my affections by Tamara Ecclestone's Show Beauty Treatment Oil. Just a couple of drops of this applied to freshly washed hair leaves you with much more manageable, less frizz-prone hair. The gorgeous bottle also makes your dressing table look pretty snazzy.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or - Multi Usage Dry Oil

Apply this gold flecked body oil to bronzed limbs to amp up a tan and give a healthy, glossy glow. That's not even mentioning the delicious scent - summer in a bottle.


Melt by name, melt by nature. We've blogged about this 100% organic coconut oil balm extensively before. We're totally obsessed with the way it liquifies upon contact with your lips, tastes like coconut macaroons and gives a gorgeous glossy sheen.

Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir Facial Serum

Half serum, half oil, this miracle in a bottle leaves skin firmer and smoother with megawatt glow after just a couple of weeks of use. Also great used under foundation for a dewy, fresh finish.

Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula

This body oil leaves limbs deeply moisturised without any greasy residue and smells as delicious as a product with a price tag six times its size. Also doubles as a super sweet-scented insect repellant.

Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover

No more panda eyes and mascara-streaked pillows, just one swipe of this make-up remover and every last scrap of eye make-up disappears.

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil


Slather this bargain basement product on before bed and get a double whammy - drift off immediately into a deep, deep sleep and wake up the next morning well-rested with baby soft skin.

Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Cleanser

I'd completely forgotten about this stellar cleanser until I got a mini version in my Lane Crawford Beauty Calendar this year. This wonder cleansing oil melts into your skin and removes every last scrap of make-up, grime and pollution.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil


I first discovered these products just before I moved to Hong Kong and am now totally addicted to them. I use the shower oil every morning with an exfoliating mitt and then post-shower spritz on the body oil while my skin's still damp to lock in moisture. Feels like a huge cashmere hug and makes you smell good enough to eat.

It's an oldie but a goodie. Not just for stretch marks, slather this oil on after a bath for a serious moisture shot.

Monday 2 March 2015

Denim Daze...

Denim to me is like a shell bra to a mermaid - a daily necessity...unless you're a slutty mermaid that it! There are the odd days where I wake up with every intention of mixing it up and reach for a skirt, but however hard I try I always revert back to my trusty skinny jeans!

They're comfortable, look good with everything I own, can go from day to night in a flash and you always know what to expect! Skinny, ripped, true blue, boyfriend, flared - they all work and it looks as if they're here to stay!

And it's not just jeans, it's all round longer just a wardrobe staple but instead the star of the show! Think cute denim dresses, a kick out calf skirt, utility inspired jumpsuits, flares, culottes and even dungarees!! 



Paul & Joe


Maison Margiela



Now start riffling through that wardrobe and dig out anything you can find remotely denim related! However if your teenage Levi jacket is straining at the buttons and your dungarees look fit for a three year old, here's a 3BM helping hand to guide you through what's out there right now...!
Gap Denim Dress, £44.95