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Monday 4 February 2013

Music Revolution: 8tracks

Stop what you're doing because i'm about to change your music sharing and listening habits forever! Forget Spotify, this kid rules the music streaming block hand over fist and he's not afraid to own it. Since being introduced to the super duper magnificent 8tracks I have never looked back...

Remember how mix tapes in the 80s used to be the ultimate way of sharing the tracks you loved with your besties and your flavour of the month boyfriend? Well 8tracks follows a similar formula but in a virtual sense. In a nutshell it's a complex-free, handcrafted, internet radio and social networking channel, whereby people can share and discover music through a series of short playlists containing at least 8 tracks. You can create your own personal mixed playlists or simply listen to other people's carefully curated hot lists and pretend you have great music tastes! Best of all ... this little gem is free!

The man behind this music oriented social network revolution is David Porter. Launched back in 2008, it's hard to believe this little beaut managed to fly under my radar for so long. My most favourite aspect of this site is how easy it is to search and get your hands on addictive music to suit your mood! You can either search for tunes by genre and tags or use the 'cloud' feature which prompts you to search for music based on your emotional e.g. workout, happy, dance tunes and hey presto a whole host of perfectly matched suitors appear before your very eyes...

What are you waiting for? Hop over to 8tracks immediately, get signed-up and fill your Monday with new music amazingness!

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  1. I'm loving 8tracks - it's so easy to use! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy belated birthday to your wonderful blog!! xxx