Thursday, 24 April 2014

SS14 Trend: Arty

Last week we covered the SS14 botanics trend which has been giving us flashbacks to endless Photosynthesis lessons in the biology lab. This week, we're heading over to the art block for another SS14 trend - primary colours, brushstrokes, all a little Mondrian, a touch Miro... yup, we're talking all things Arty...

There's always a trend that our fav highstreet haunt, Zara, picks up and does to a tee. From the moment we saw the SS14 Celine catwalk, we called the arty trend as having the Zara Factor and we're delighted to say those Spanish fashion magicians haven't let us down...

Zara Printed Top

Zara Asymmetric Fine Pleated Skirt

Zara Printed Top

Zara Printed Bikini

Zara Tri-Colour Top

Zara Printed Skirt with Buckle

Zara Abstract Print Blouses

Zara Printed Kimono Blazer

Zara Special Edition Scarf

That little lot got your creativity flowing? Want more? Check out our Polyvore Arty Set for even more arty shopping inspo...
SS14 Trend: Arty

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Eye Make-Up Essentials

If eyes are the windows to the soul, we say make damn sure that they're well dressed.

And in that respect, how lucky are we, as girls, that bigger, more beautiful eyes are just a smudge of liner and a swipe of mascara away? As much as we wholeheartedly support the no make-up selfie and everything that it stands for, we generally don't even pop to the shops without a little eye definition (or at the very least a pair of dark glasses to cover our lack of mascaraed lashes).

So, what are our secret weapons for prettier peepers? Given our collective hardcore addictions to anything and everything beauty-related, it's fair to say we've worked our way through a veritable cosmetics' hall of products... So, here are our current make-up bag fixtures which we've neatly divided by our top three eye looks...

The Smoky Eye
An absolute classic, the smoky eye is our night-out stalwart. We've trialled liners, shadows and mascaras galore and boiled it down to three must-have smoky essentials.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara

On our list of dessert island beauty must-haves, mascara ranks pretty highly. So let's just say we take our mascaras very seriously. Benefit's cheekily titled 'They're Real', has had our mascara crown for well over a year now (and coming from three fickle beauty hounds that's quite an honour). The rubber brush gets each and every lash (including those tricky inner corner ones) and a couple of coats genuinely gives you falsie-esque length and volume that lasts all day.

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Gilt by Association

These eyeshadows are a bit of an obsession, we have not one, not two but three (aside from this gold/black Gilt by Association, we also have the green/back Smutty Green and the purple/black Young Punk). Applied lightly they're actually great for daytime, but layered up or applied with a damp brush they give an intense metallic eye which blends and smokes to sultry perfection. 

Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl in Bedroom Black

We blogged about our Charlotte Tilbury make-up haul back in December and we can confirm that our love for all things Tilbury has only intensified since then! These Rock 'N' Kohl liners are absolute God sends. They go on smoothly, set to budge-proof within 30 seconds of application and stay looking flawless until you finally decide to take them off. We're head over heels and can't rave about them enough.  

The Beach Goddess Eye
As spring yawns and stretches and threatens to wake-up summer at any second, we're getting in some early practice and refining our sunny, shimmery warm weather beauty looks. Here's our edit of the only four products you'll need   to pack in your beach bag this summer.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner in Golden Dress

This was an airport impulse purchase a few months ago but has now risen to summer essential status. Bourjois' pretty bronzy gold liner looks fab with a tan and particularly great with blue eyes - perfect for drawing around the lash line. Bonus points for being splash and sweat-proof.

Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Savage

Cream eyeshadows are your best friend as the temperature rises and this one's the absolute star of our make-up bags. Nars' cream shadows tend to crease if you use them alone but add a base (if you need suggestions on that front, we have you covered with this post) and you've got the recipe for long lasting, shimmery lids that'll take you through from sunrise to long past sunset.

D.J.V. Beautenizer Fiberwig Mascara

Fiberwig is extra-long lash extensions in a tube. You need a few layers to get maximum length but this is pretty life-changing stuff! Our only complaint would be that used alone, it can leave lashes looking a little spidery and sparse so for maximum flutterage we like to layer it over another mascara (it's great over They're Real). 

Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Ink

Bobbi Brown's gel liners are total 3BM essentials. We all have several pots of this wonder liner knocking around in our make-up bags. They're long-lasting, deliver a kick-ass cat's eye and come in a myriad of colours. Chocolate shimmer ink is a rick brown shot through with subtle gold glimmer - the perfect partner to a gilded lid.

The Bombshell Eye
Who doesn't aspire to be a bombshell of the Bardot variety? The sort of girl who looks beyond bewitching in an 'Oh, I just woke up like this' way. While we're working on that, here are three helping hands to give you at least a gleam of the Bardot glam.

Maybelline Volum' Express Magnum Superfilm

We snapped this bad boy up on a mad dash to the chemists after forgetting to pack our make-up bag one morning. We weren't expecting much but wow, is this proof that you don't have to spend big bucks to get some serious bang. This little yellow tube delivers glossy, full black lashes with no flaking or smudging. An excellent stand-in for other much more expensive brands (we may still prefer our They're Real, but this ranks higher than other more expensive similar products - MAC False Lashes and Dior Show spring to mind).

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita

Yet more Charlotte Tilbury love! The Dolce Vita palette is sheer perfection. The warm browns and bronzes make blue eyes pop and the texture of the shadows is buttery and super-blendable. Keep it light for a louche, low-key look or add intensity and sparkle with the delicious glittery chocolate shade.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl in Barbarella Brown

The more laid-back little sister to Bedroom Black, Rock 'N' Kohl in Barbarella Brown is your perfect everyday liner. For amping up the smoulder, smudge into lashes and draw into the upper and lower waterlines.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our 3BM Easter Weekend in Pictures...

Hands up who had a fabulous long Easter weekend...

For the vast majority of you I bet it mostly consisted of far too much chocolate, a fair helping of booze, family get togethers and a big dose of R&R. Sound about right?

Not for the Mice. The booze part we can relate to in a big way but apart from that, no similarities whatsoever!!

HK mouse decided to jump ship and escape to Lombok for some much needed sun, sea and quality time with her boyfriend. Not your usual Easter view that's for sure...

Myself and Mini on the other hand decided some serious fun needed to be had and made it our mission to fit in as much as humanly possible. Even when we were having some down time, our bucket-esque wine glasses were firming in grip...

It all started on the Thursday night with the gorgeous Nikki's birthday night. Club of choice - The Box. Which means two thing... rudeness and a long night ahead. The club performances and acts don't actually start until 1am so we decided to have a pre-party at ours. Cue the cocktails - homemade rhubarb and processco glasses of deliciousness...

And mini bites of loveliness to line our stomachs, all homemade of course...

We chatted, gossiped and laughed for hours whilst slowly getting glammed up for the night ahead - secretly my favourite part of an evening. Shhhhhh...

At 11 o'clock our carriages pulled up and we stumpled in - tipsy to say the least! Sadly from here on in I have very little in-club evidence to prove just how tricking fabulous this place is - there is a no camera rule which = BORING! I did manage the following snaps in between the extreme acts of nakedness and naughtiness...

A 4am bedtime called for a next morning food-fest with our favourite girls which if I might add are looking surprisingly fresh-faced and lovely...

We rocked up at recently blogged about Rita's ready to fill our hungover-boots to high heaven... and that we did!

Ham hock hash & egg delight...

Washed down with homemade pink lemonade...

And the earth shattering dulce de leche beignets with foie gras from puds AKA tasty doughnuts with caramel and a touch of salt! Bliss. Heaven. Pure indulgence... 

After that there was no other option but to head home, collapse on the sofa and commit to an afternoon of duvet hogging, comforting food and snooze after snooze after snooze. 

The hours flew by and before we knew it, the evening had rolled in and the 7 o'clock wine itch has set in. Luckily we had an icy chilled bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon to hand so cracked that opened and kicked back for a night of R&R...

A sunny Saturday arrived and the healthy part of my brained kicked in - a morning run around Victoria Park... so off we jogged - in our sunnies...

Exercise done. What's next? An afternoon of pizza and unlimited prosecco. Perfect! Bunga Bunga step up...

Too much! Why not top up with a bit of taxi cab smuggling and espresso martini drinking...

Sunday I have nothing to show for our day. It pretty much consisted for laziness, indecisiveness and unhealthy choices! 

Monday arrived and we decided to pay our good friends Kitty and Kev a visit for an afternoon of good food, giggles and yes, more alcohol...!

Cracking alternative Easter even if I do say so myself! 

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