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Tuesday 31 July 2012

On the 3BM iPod: MS MR

So Mini Mouse's Birthday shenanigans are over for another year - sniff, sniff. But it's only just over a month until we can do it all again for the Middle One - hooray! The smallest Mouse wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for all their Birthday love yesterday - she had a wonderful day and was thoroughly spoilt (what's new?! She's the baby!)

So as a little present back to you all, we bring you our latest music crush the very awesome, MS MR

Shrouded in tantalising mystery, MS MR only revealed their true identities a couple of weeks ago, allowing the hype to build and the focus to stay firmly trained on their music. Having just kicked off a tour supporting Marina and the Diamonds, we guess the pair had no choice but to do the big reveal.

Image via:

We are head over heels in love with the duo's current single, Hurricane, not just because we can't get enough of the trippy, dreamy, chillwave song itself, but also because the video is mind-blowingly amazing. A tangle of fast-cut Tumblr-esque images, mashing unicorns with silver lashed space-age girls, film and pop imagery and a band of scarlet singing lips... Words seriously can't do it justice so....

Ms Mr - Hurricane

And here are a couple of other snippets of MS MR awesomeness, we hope you love them as much as we do...

Ms Mr - Bones

Ms Mr - Time of My Life (cover)

Monday 30 July 2012

Happy Birthday Mini Mouse!!

Its the Baby One's Birthday!

Which means champagne, cake, mountains of presents and.... BABY PHOTOS!

Wasn't she just the sweetest little scamp ever?! 

And twenty seven years on, she's still just as much of a scamp but with more expensive shoes and a penchant for Hendricks, cocktails and Sauvignon Blanc...

Back in the miniature scamp days, Birthdays meant hours with the Argos catalogue compiling Birthday lists, weeks of agonising decisions about the party (theme, guests, party bags, cake, games, outfit...) followed by a month of increasingly overexcited counting down to the BIG DAY...

The cake was always one of the toughest decisions. Mummy Mouse would always make whatever we requested and as we got older our demands got more elaborate - I had a Charlene's Wedding cake for my 6th Birthday and a Macauley Culkin cake for my Home Alone themed 9th Birthday.... 

This weekend we dug out a few snaps of of Mini Mouse's early cakes, particular mention has to go to her 7th Birthday Bagpuss cake...

These days, the cakes are a little more of the Hummingbird variety, but they'll still definitely be sponge, icing and candles in some form or another today....

 Which just leaves the Birthday messages from the other Mice...

And finally, the Middle one and I would LOVE it if all our Blog Buds could join us in saying Happy Birthday to the Baby! Even if you don't usually leave comments, it would be amazing if you made an exception just this once! 

Happy, Happy Birthday Little Mouse Toes - here's to an incredible year...!

Sunday 29 July 2012

Doting on Daisy...

You can't beat the feeling of finding a dress you've wanted forever in the sale, taking something to the till and the barcode scans cheaper than the tag reads or even, my favourite so far, getting home and realising Topshop hasn't scanned one of my tops...shhh it's a secret! So...I thought what better than to bring you a discount code for your Sunday shopping spree session!

I was flicking through Look Magazine engrossed in the latest Celeb gossip...I never liked that Kristen Stewart, I totally fancy Ryan Lochte (sorry team GB!) and how cute in Blue Ivy (mini Beyonce)?...when I came across a 20% online code for Daisy Knights Jewellery.
Daisy's jewellery is Luxury Rock'n'Roll - dainty to keep that girly look, with a tough edge to give your outfit a cool dusting! She made her first ever ring in her father's workshop when she was just 11 years old and since then has studied Jewellery Design, won numerous awards, collaborated with the likes of Urban Outfitters and has now captured the hearts of the likes of Kate Moss and Rhianna!

There are some seriously cool pieces to be snapped up at all different price ranges, and with an extra 20% off it would be rude to not get involved! Take a little goosey gander here and just enter 'Look20' at the checkout! ENJOY!

Skull Ring, £126

Star Bar Necklace, £450

Feather Friendship Bracelets, from £39

Saturday 28 July 2012

Wanted: Home for an Hermès

Last week we received an email from the lovely ladies at Chic & Seek appealing for our help. Well YOUR help actually...

If you aren't already familiar with Chic & Seek, (where have you been hop on over immediately and check it out...) the site specialises in finding new homes for pre-loved fashion. From Louboutin heels to Jimmy Choo clutches with a little bit of fabulous Issa, Balmain and Alexander McQueen in between - this is a true treasure trove for finding designer gems at a snip of their original price.

Chic & Seek's latest project is a little different to usual though. The current orphaned item seeking a new home is a little slice of fashion history - a vintage Hermès Kelly bag.

A family heirloom dating back to somewhere between 1937 and 1953, the bag was recently valued by Hermès in Paris at £45,000. The current owner inherited the family collection of vintage fashion including the Kelly from her grandmother fifteen years ago. Understanding how special this iconic piece of fashion history is, the owner doesn't want to sell to a faceless bidder at auction but instead is keen to find a true fashion lover who will cherish the piece just as much as her grandmother did.  

The Kelly was first produced by Hermès in the 1930s but it wasn't until 1956 that it earned the 'Kelly' moniker when Grace Kelly, the then Princess of Monaco, used her favourite Hermès bag to hide her pregnancy from the prying lenses of the paparazzi. The Kelly immediately became an icon and was toted by Hollywood's screen sirens including Ingrid Bergman and Marlene Dietrich. Today the timeless Hermès classic is still loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike - the perfect go-to accessory for dash of polish and elegance.

Images via: Pinterest

Although this beautiful bag is sadly well out of the Mice's budgets, we're sure there's someone out there who's going to be lucky enough to give this little treasure a new home. If you or anyone you know is that lucky person, contact the customer services team at Chic & Seek to arrange a viewing on +44 (0)20 7229 4308. 

10% of the sale proceeds will be donated to Syria Relief charity (

Friday 27 July 2012

This week the Mice have mostly been...

What a week to come back from Portugal to...I won't deny I've had the holiday blues, (mainly down to the lack of Pimm's from noon onwards and not being able to snooze every thirty minutes) however this gorgeous weather has made the transition back to 6am wake-ups a little easier. With yesterday hitting 27 degrees in London, I can't really complain...especially when I was able to have a two hour meeting out on the terrace in the bright sunshine topping up my tan! I've heard mean rumours that today is going to take a sad u-turn and the showers and gloom will be back, but I refuse to be a believer and have worn my flip flops regardless!! (Keep your fingers crossed for me...!)

Not only has this incredible weather decided to grace us, but so has Olympic 2012 mania! Everywhere you go  you can't help but overhear continuous complaints in relation to the tube, buses, roads and non-stop chatter and Facebook uploads of the Olympic torch - Middle Mouse being one of them....

Little do the complainers seem to relaise that this is going to get much MUCH worse before it gets two stops from Stratford I can't imagine it's going to be plain sailing, but less hours in the office can only be a good thing surely?! 

When we haven't been moaning about commutes and wearing as many summer outfits as humanly possible, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Basking among the barges on Regent's Canal! Middle Mouse and I stumbled across this little gem quite by accident whilst we were skiving off jogging! We raced home from work promising one another we would go straight out for a run in Victoria Park...however when we got home we agreed we were far too tired to run so we would go for a walk instead!!! As we ambled down the canal (no exercise attire in sight, instead denim shorts and sunglasses with absolutely no intention to break a sweat!) we found ourselves among East End locals cooking up a feast, drinking Pimm's, playing guitars, singing atop a canal boat and generally having a really good time in the sun! 

We later found out that this was the Floating Market and among all the fun there are little stalls on the barges selling hats, jewellery and my favourite the book barge - amazing! We immediately grabbed a drink from the Palm Tree pub, found a spot on the grass and kicked back and enjoyed the music and people watching! 

The Floating Market can be found on the stretch of canal between Mile End Road and Roman Road and will be there until 16th August so make the most of it while you can - we have been down twice this week already!!

Image via

Plotting our Olympic drinking spots for the next 16 days! Everyone everywhere is pulling out all the stops to make the London Olympics one to remember! I am seriously impressed with all the options and quirky ideas...from free outdoor screenings in Hyde Park with live music courtesy of BT London Live, to BBQ's, live screenings and partying on Kensington Roof Gardens! 

My top two favourites that I have come across and can hopefully battle my way into are...

On a Budget...TBC Basecamp - my trusty Lenard Street favourite, The Book Club, have taken over the disused Car Park opposite the bar and transformed it into an Olympic Playground! It simply sounds amazing and I CANNOT wait to go...Big screens to watch the games, a Street Kitchen, Olympic themed cocktails including 'End it like Beckham', pints of Pimm's and Mojito, a paddling pool (!!), ping pong, live graffiti art, table football AND basketball, oh and to top it all off they have even bagged an ice-cream van! 

All this ridiculous fun commences tonight until 12th August and believe it or not entry is absolutely FREE!!! 

The Book Club 
100 Leonard Street, 

Image via

Blow the Budget ...The Fringe,  Swan Wharf - this pop-up private members club has been designed specifically for the Olympics and is something you definitely don't want to miss out on! Housed in an impressive converted warehouse The Fringe consists of a Members Courtyard and a Members Club on the first floor with The Penthouse and Private Suites available for private hire! You have to part with a pretty hefty £200 to get in but this buys your membership from 9am - 2am the following morning and includes all food and drink. There are two bars on each floor, a huge riverside courtyard, street food from the likes of Borough Market and Brick Lane and huge screens showing all the live action from the Olympics all to a soundtrack of live DJs to make sure you party like never before! 

Just call Jean Da Silva on +44 (0) 203 355 8169 to arrange indivdual, group or corporate membership. 

The Fringe 
Swan Wharf, 
E3 2NG

Image via

Praying that the birthday bunny will bring me lots of lovely presents for my Birthday next week, (spoilt Baby Mouse or what?!) and scouring the internet to write my long Birthday list! Yes I still write one, but long gone are the days of Baby Born Zapf Dolls (remember the doll that ate actual food)...

Image via

And more in the direction of these lush Charlotte Olympia's...

Image via

A Mouse can dream...

Spoilt Mouse demands aside, all my searching and list-making has unearthed some fab jewellery from Topshop - a few pieces from their Premium Range which I haven't looked at before. Top of my list are the following, hint they won't break the bank like those Charlotte Os - BONUS...

Image via, £25

Image via, £25
Image via, £50

And that's all for this week little Blog Buds!

Have a great weekend
The Mice

Thursday 26 July 2012

Beach Goddess-ness this Way...

With the Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week in full swing over in Miami, its pretty impossible to avoid the barrage of catwalk shots of models in bikinis. As I flick through the photos, a couple of thoughts spring to mind...:
  1. OH GOOD GOD I need to get to the gym IMMEDIATELY;
  2. I am so pleased that I don't live anywhere even vaguely in the vicinity of Miami Beach and therefore nowhere even vaguely in the vicinity of this gaggle of sickeningly perfect beach bodies;
  3. I need new uber-flattering swimwear and an enormous Muumuu in time for my next shuffle between the shore and my sunlounger...

Images via:

So, while I vow to get up an hour early tomorrow morning so that I can put in some quality time on the cross-trainer, I bring you a round-up of my favourite online purveyors of bikinis, beachwear and general promises of being sprinkled with a little of the Miami Swim models' magic in exchange for your credit card details...

Beach Flamingo
In Brief: Brand new swimwear site, Beach Flamingo, is a bit of a family affair. Founded by two sisters (one of whom is Grazia's Shopping Editor, Lily Russo) and their Mother,this one-stop beachwear shop brings together a carefully curated selection of swimwear labels from around the globe. The Russo girls spend two months a year on the beach in Italy so when it comes to looking good in small scraps of lycra, they know what they're talking about...

The Brands: A range of cutting edge brands from all over the world, our favs include Caffe, We Are Handsome, Mara Hoffman and Zimmerman. The site also stocks their own brand range of accessories - embellished beach baskets, retro tasseled sun hats and cute leather sandals.
3BM Top Crush: Zimmerman Floral rebel Frill Bikini - £147.00

Image via:

Itsie Bitsie
In Brief: We've got good news! Our favourite Hong Kong Swimwear brand, Itsie Bitsie, has just launched an online store! At last, everyone everywhere can get their hands on Itsie Bitsie's gorgeous Bali-made bikinis, beach cover-ups and accessories. Wonderwoman, Cristina Wilkinson, not only runs the business (including often being on-hand in store to help pick out your purchases) but also designs all the swimwear herself. The brand only launched this year but has already become a life-saver for Hong Kong girls ensuring that when junk season kicked-off, we were all kitted out in uber-flattering, affordable swimwear. Top Tip: Itsie Bitsie has also just started selling personalised bikini bottoms - the perfect honeymoon gift for all your bridezilla buds.
The Brands: 100% Itsie Bitsie - stacks of choice though, definitely something for everyone (boys and babies coming soon apparently!)
3BM Top Crush: The PaperDoll Cut Out One-piece - HK$780

Image via:

In Brief: Part swimwear boutique, part travel magazine, Beach Cafe has teamed up with boutique hotel gurus, Mr & Mrs Smith, to make every step of holiday planning as painless as possible. Hop over to the site to pick-up a caseload of holiday must-haves in between browsing destination guides for a variety of exotic spots. Handpicked hotels, the lowdown on all the best restaurants and boutiques and the inside track on where you can find the best sunset cocktails (the Mice think that planning your next trip based on where there are Mojitos with a view is eminently sensible). The website also has a team of style advisors on hand to ensure that you find your perfect holiday wardrobe. Tell them where you're off to, let them know about your body hang-ups and they'll pull a selection of pieces that'll have you chucking your sarong to the side and parading around the pool in no time.
The Brands: All the top designer beachwear brands, think Melissa Odabash bikinis, Sam Edelman sandals and Tom Ford sunglasses.
3BM Top Crush: Melissa Odabash Jemima Hat - £96.00

Image via:

The Girl and The Water
In Brief: Waterbaby and wanderluster, Melissa Derreumaux, set up The Girl and The Water after falling in love with Hawaiian bikini brand Acacia. The online boutique sells everything you need for a day at the beach from teeny bikinis to brightly coloured Turkish towels. Melissa's a keen paddle boarder and has tried and tested every piece that she carries so you're guaranteed flattering swimwear that can withstand more than just poolside posing.

The Brands: Lots of unusual brands that we haven't found elsewhere. We particularly love Hawaiian brands Acacia and Posh Pua (the Posh Pua Nui bottoms are the most flattering bikini bottoms we own!). The site also carries our favourite find from a trip to Mexico earlier this year, Josa Tulum.
3BM Top Crush: Josa Tulum Low-back Halter Dress - USD$170
(And you can get your hands on this bad boy for 25% less than usual for a few more days with the 3BM x The Girl and The Water Summer Offer! Just type JOSA25 at the checkout until 31st July to get 25% off all Josa Tulum cover-ups!) 
Image via:

Beach Tomato Shack
In Brief: We have a confession to make, we're a little Tomato obsessed. It all started with a mild crush on luxury travel company Black Tomato (go check out its travel porn website to see why). It intensified with the discovery of the Black Tomato travel e-zine, Beach Tomato bringing us our daily dose of sunshine via fun features like Celebrity Beach Bag and Beach House of the Week. It then developed into a full blown love affair with the launch of sister site and online holiday boutique, Beach Tomato Shack. The quirky website features a mind-boggling range of super stylish beachy fashion modelled by squirrels, kittens and robins...yes really!
The Brands: From your trusty go-to designers through to the newest kids on the block - Beach Tomato Shack has all bases covered. We particularly love Roksanda Ilincic, Tara Matthews, Mileti and Violet Lake.

3BM Top Crush: Roksanda Ilincic Black Cut Out One-Piece - £365

Image via:

And if you still want more, over on Moda Operandi two super amazing trunkshows are currently shoppable - We Are Handsome (until 28 July) and Charlie By Matthew Zink (until 31 July). We're coveting everything We Are Handsome right now and particularly...

The Poisons String Bikini

The Spirit Sleeveless Dress

The Calypso Cut Away One-piece

Images via: