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The Mice

Hong Kong Mouse
Natalie is the eldest of the Mice. She's a lawyer and that is probably enough said about that. She spent her early twenties living and working in London before her firm seconded her to the Hong Kong office. The secondment was for two years and she wondered whether she would last that long in a new, very different city halfway across the world, many thousands of miles from her friends, family and everything she’d ever known. Three years later she is happily settled in a shoebox sized flat (of which approximately three quarters is taken up with shoes) in Hong Kong’s mid-levels. She loves the crazy, fast pace of life of the city and the fact that just twenty minutes outside of the hub of the action are beautiful beaches and country parks – a side of Hong Kong beyond the skyscrapers, noise and buzz that she had no idea about before moving. She’s not so keen on the fact that the humidity makes her hair very special for the majority of the year (she has two pairs of GHDs so that she always has a spare in case one pair breaks). Natalie has a definite shopping habit with a general inability to leave any shop at all without having bought something. She loves Vogue, Grazia, Elle and magazines in general - these fuel her shopping issues as she is convinced that she needs everything they feature. Blogs and online stores’ regular ‘update’ emails have made this even worse with daily new additions appearing on her “Need List”. She’s tries to control this as much as she can but her Mastercard certainly gets a pretty good work out on a regular basis. Natalie is a voracious photographer; she is never without a camera of some sort and friends moan that she is like the paparazzi (but secretly love when they can piece together a night out the next day from her Facebook uploads). She loves to travel and is always planning her next adventure. She daydreams of one day running away and hopping from unexplored corner to unexplored corner with plenty of lounging on white beaches and drinking mojitos.

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Middle Mouse
Well the first thing you should know about Melissa (the middle mouse) is her love for shoes - she's high on everything Miu Miu, Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia! The obsession is bordering on madness - last month she was forced to throw out a draw full of perfectly good clothes all so she could house her family of shoes! Currently living in the East end with the baby of the mousehold, she enjoys the quirkiness of the Brick Lane and London Field types with their efforts to be noticed and not fit in. During the weekends, she is never not accompanied by her shutterbug friend who goes by the name of Canon - they are the ultimate duo capturing everything and anything worth snapping. Check out her photography here: During the week she works for a Public Relations agency based in West London. Never a dull moment and never the same day twice. She gets to work with brilliant brands and brilliant people. Never 9 till 5 but we're talking PR darling, who does! Food, fun and friendship come high up on Melissa's lifestyle list - three common loves she very much shares with her two mice sisters.

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Mini Mouse
Alice is the baby of the Mice, totally spoilt by them both (although she would hate to admit it!). She lives with Melissa in East London, spending an average Sunday on Brick Lane people watching, digging through vintage shops for treasures and eating ridiculous amounts of food. She works in fashion, a perfect fit as she loves clothes, shopping and especially bags. Jewellery is her chosen armour, she is always wearing as many bracelets, cuffs and rings as humanly possible. Unfortunately working surrounded by fashion does no favours for her credit card bill, as it only provides the constant excuse to keep up with all the latest trends and to never be seen in the same outfit twice! As she isn't made of money it works out even better that she and Melissa mouse share the same size paws and so can extend their outfit building to each others wardrobes! From the moment she opens her eyes, she is planning breakfast, lunch and dinner! Life revolves around food from the perfect brunch spot, to nibbles with gin+elderflower cocktails and cosy pubs for slightly hazy, hungover roast dinners. Alice loves nothing more than gossiping with her girls about where all the hot boys are, what they're lusting after in Topshop and which of London's latest bars they're exploring at the weekend! Her final passion...Holidays! Pimms o'clock is her favourite time of day, along with balcony gin & tonics at sunset and Marlborough wine with dinner. Sunbathing with Zero 7 and Calvin Harris on her ipod, whilst reading Paige Toon and chatting with her friends can only be described as her heaven! Which is why she made it to 6 holidays last year....!

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