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Thursday 2 February 2012

Three Bad Mice, Three Bad Mice, See How They Blog, See How They Blog...

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not far from Watford, there lived three little girls, Natalie, Melissa and Alice.

The girls were sisters and were always the very best of friends. Well, most of the time they were the very best of friends. There were of course, the squabbles about who was going to sit in the front on the way to school; who was going to marry Mark Owen (and who would be left with Gary); and whose go it was next to play Lemmings on the computer. But for the very most part they were a mischievous band of blonde, freckly scamps spending hours creating outfits from the dressing-up hamper, riding their bikes (but only up to the black line) and repeatedly watching Mary Poppins, the Sound of Music and Dirty Dancing (an odd combination admittedly…).

As the girls grew up, the dressing-up moved from the dressing-up hamper to Saturdays in Oxford Circus Topshop and the squabbles moved to who had taped over last week’s Friends with Sex and the City. The years passed and the girls left home, went to university, got jobs and moved to different corners of the world – Melissa and Alice to the fabled gold-paved streets of London and Natalie to the Far Eastern land of skyscrapers and noodles, Hong Kong. Despite many thousands of miles between them the girls still stayed the very best of friends with the help of BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and as many trips to visit each other and visit new places together as they could.

The girls loved to explore the cities that they lived in and the new cities and beaches and countryside that they travelled to. They would spend hours hunting out and trying new bars, restaurants and shops; stumbling across cool markets and hidden beaches; while also trying to make sure they visited the old trusty stalwarts – the hundred year old tea shops and the legendary hotel bars.

They were fashion obsessed, devouring magazines and style blogs and shopping, shopping, shopping. Shopping in little vintage shops in East London for one-off treasures; shopping in quirky boutiques in Hong Kong where the shop assistants’ chant to any Westerner over 5 foot and bigger than a size 8 is “oooh XL, wah so fat”; shopping in H&M and Topshop and Zara for low calorie fashion fixes; shopping online so that packages from ASOS, net-a-porter, Shopbop and My-Wardrobe were forever arriving on their desks feeling just like presents until the credit card bill came through.

The girls loved to share their tips with each other for an amazing new shoe designer they’d found, to the perfect red lipstick shade they’d discovered, to a gorgeous boutique hotel they’d heard about that would be ideal for their next adventure together.

One day they decided that it would be handy to have somewhere to store all these tips and ideas and they also wondered whether maybe others might find their tips interesting and helpful. Their blog, Three Bad Mice, was born. The site would be a place for sharing their adventures, thoughts, photographs, ideas and tips with each other and anyone else who might stumble across their little blog. The girls began writing, and writing, and writing.

And they all blogged happily ever after.

The End (or rather, the beginning…..).

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