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Monday 30 July 2012

Happy Birthday Mini Mouse!!

Its the Baby One's Birthday!

Which means champagne, cake, mountains of presents and.... BABY PHOTOS!

Wasn't she just the sweetest little scamp ever?! 

And twenty seven years on, she's still just as much of a scamp but with more expensive shoes and a penchant for Hendricks, cocktails and Sauvignon Blanc...

Back in the miniature scamp days, Birthdays meant hours with the Argos catalogue compiling Birthday lists, weeks of agonising decisions about the party (theme, guests, party bags, cake, games, outfit...) followed by a month of increasingly overexcited counting down to the BIG DAY...

The cake was always one of the toughest decisions. Mummy Mouse would always make whatever we requested and as we got older our demands got more elaborate - I had a Charlene's Wedding cake for my 6th Birthday and a Macauley Culkin cake for my Home Alone themed 9th Birthday.... 

This weekend we dug out a few snaps of of Mini Mouse's early cakes, particular mention has to go to her 7th Birthday Bagpuss cake...

These days, the cakes are a little more of the Hummingbird variety, but they'll still definitely be sponge, icing and candles in some form or another today....

 Which just leaves the Birthday messages from the other Mice...

And finally, the Middle one and I would LOVE it if all our Blog Buds could join us in saying Happy Birthday to the Baby! Even if you don't usually leave comments, it would be amazing if you made an exception just this once! 

Happy, Happy Birthday Little Mouse Toes - here's to an incredible year...!


  1. Happy birthday hope u have a fabulous day xx

  2. happiest of birthdays Mini Mouse, such gorgeous pics. Hope you have the loveliest day xxxxx

  3. Happy birthday! Have a fab day xxx

  4. Caroline Kavanagh30 July 2012 at 07:21

    Awwwwwww happy birthday to my gorgeous baby mouse! Hope you have a lovely day x x x
    P.s Loving the photos by the way! Amazing x ❤ x

  5. Happy birthday Alicio Mouse! Loved loved loved the pics! Have an amazing day, lots of love xxxxxx

  6. Happy Birthday Alice! I think I remember some of those spectacular cakes from Mummy Mouse. Hope you get everything on your birthday wish list and more! xxx

  7. Adorable pictures! Happy Birthday Alice...and well done to all of the mice with the blog- i love it! Good luck in the Cosmo awards, I must remember to post a link onto my FB and ask friends to vote for you. I'm launching a nationwide magazine for female doctors (there are thousands of them in the UK!) in 2013 and will contact you soon to see if you want to contribute to the lifestyle section? Lots of love, Sara xx

    1. Sounds FAB Sara, please do keep us posted we'd love to hear all about the magazine and would be fantastic to contribute! x