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Wednesday 21 November 2012


Once again it's birthday time and last but definitely not least it's HK MOUSE'S turn! 

All the way over in HK the cake will be cut, cocktails and champagne glasses will be clinking and presents will be ripped open, all in aid of our favourite Hong Kong Mouse! Well that's if her bikini fit diet will is only one day after all!  

I think now is the right time to pull the baby photos on her don't you?! If there were ever to be an innocent, sweet, good natured little girl Natalie was it - long blonde locks with a halo of fluffy baby hair that she hated but only made her even more sweet! See for yourself...

Being the eldest of the robo trio she has always taken that position with pride...constantly looking after her baby sissys, spoiling us rotten, helping us with Pythagoras' Theorem and introducing us to Topshop skinny jeans! 

When she was titch she always had her little nose in The Faraway Tree, let her imagination run away thinking up the best games for us three and was never too far away from the dressing up box! How times have changed...not! She's always on her kindle, was the brain behind the 3BM concept and uploads HK fancy dress photos most weekends....a mouse never changes its whiskers! 

We miss her very much and it makes us extremely sad that we can't say happy birthday in person but only 29 days and we can have a secondary celebration! In the meantime we leave you with your very own birthday blog post and three big birthday kisses from Minnie Mouse in London, Daddy Mouse in St.Albans and Middle Mouse in Oslo! 

That's it for another year of 3BM birthdays...a year older and most definitely wiser I would say!!

As always and in birthday tradition please join us in wishing HK mouse a massive Happy Birthday and leaving her a celebratory comment...she will seriously LOVE it! 

All that's left to say is...




  1. Aw, I loved this post! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :- D

    Xx. Emma @

  2. Beautiful girls! Will see you baby / middle mouses tomorrow and happy happy birthday to Nattie! x