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Monday 24 November 2014

Light Fantastic: BXXLGHT

We've blogged a couple of times about light art, from bespoke neon signs to illuminated letters. This week though, we've stumbled upon what might just be our favourite version of letter lighting yet - BXXLGHT Light Boxes

Swedish designer, Daniela Upmark, set up BXXLGHT in 2013 after a trip to New York, with the aim of creating accessibly priced art that looked amazing, would brighten homes around the world and that each buyer could personalise if they wished. Hey presto, the BXXLGHT lightbox was born. 

Bag an off the peg version which comes in two sizes bearing a variety of phrases from the super cute to the frankly quite naughty... 

I Am Bananas For You (Small)

You Had Me At Hello (Big)

Baby It's Cold Outside (Big)

Be Naked When I Come Home (Big)

Alternatively, exercise a little creative flair and come up with your very own unique lightbox - add your name, your family motto or your favourite saying. Best of all, when you get bored, you can switch the wording up to something new with just a scramble of a couple of tiles. We're head over heels in love!

And, we think we know just what Mice Towers is currently missing...

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