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Monday 1 July 2013

Your Name In Lights...

Always dreamed of having your name spelt out in huge, twinkly, illuminated letters? Finally realised that you aren't Marilyn and it's perhaps a little unlikely? Think again... 

Ok, so the lightbulbs may not be blazing down from the top of a theatre doorway and you may want to scale it back to just your initials, but with these letter lights all your diva dreams are just a flick of a switch away...

We've blogged before about letter lights but if neon's too eighties for you and you're after a more vintage vibe, circus style letter lighting may be right up your street. We've rounded up our top of the crop...

Rose and Grey Vegas Large Letter Metal Lights

West Vintage Trading Company Illuminated Signs & Letters
Prices from £54

Graham & Green Metal Letter Lights

Signs For Homes Custom Fairground Lightbulb Letters

If you looking for something with a bit more of a story behind it, Character's for you. Specialists in salvaging and restoring fascia signs from demolition, you could be giving the M from a McDonalds or the K from an Ikea a brand new home...

Character Salvaged Letters
Prices from 130

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