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Thursday 22 March 2012

The Writing on the Wall: Neon Wall Art

I've been obsessing for years over getting a neon sign to put up on a wall at home.  But whenever I try to search for one the websites that sell them seem more kebab shop that Tracey Emin and they're seriously expensive.  But today all my neon dreams came true when I discovered that notonthehighstreet now sells neon letters.  

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You can buy them individually and apparently they snap together and are very easy to mount on the wall (I guess they would say that though...I recommend having a man on hand to blame when things get a bit tricky with the hammer and nails).  They're £84.99 a letter and they're delivered internationally.  Now we can all have our name up in lights.

And if you're not quite sure what to spell out in neon, here's a little inspiration...

'I Woke Up Wanting To Kiss You' by Tracey Emin
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'Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Don't' by Stefan Bruggermann
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'Nothing Is So Important That It Needs To Be Made In Six Foot Neon' 
by Kelly Mark
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'Happiness is Expensive' by Alejandro Diaz
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