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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Get Your Cosy On...

With Black Friday looming this weekend it's time to get those Christmas shopping lists at the ready and blitz through them in one painful swoop! It's never going to be pleasurable but if you can get fabulous gifts and a slight bargain I say why not?!

For me it's not only Christmas shopping I'm focusing on but also my favourite wardrobe category - knitwear! Every morning after I peel myself from my bed and shiver my way out of the shower, all I want to do is snuggle up in a cosy jumper! I'm at a complete stump as to how to approach the office to cocktails outfit scenario but for now I just want to be cosy but chic!

That's a cue for some picture inspiration if ever I heard one... 

I've already made a few purchases (a cricket jumper for one, with the help of HK mouse's post) but by no means the hunt begins!

The golden rule before shopping in such crazy circumstances (that's if you brave the shops...I think I'll stick to the safety of my laptop and sofa) is know what you want before you go - there's nothing worse than indecisive ambling!!

So we've had a little scour of all our favourite brands and with our inspiration in mind, here's 3BM's top cosy knit picks...

Zara Patterned Poncho, £59.99

Joseph Cashmere Cape, £385

Marques'Almeida for Topshop, £70

Jonathon Saunders Oversized Knit, £780

Turtle Neck Cable Jumper, £45.99

Isabel Marant Alpaca & Wool Jumper, £515

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