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Friday 21 November 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been....


...however fear not, the weekend is here! Soon enough we can down tools and stop feeling the need to run everywhere just to save a few precious minutes of the day and instead pick up a gin and amble to the bar for another!! 

When we haven't been running around at breakneck speed, the Mice have mostly been... 

Feeling smug with our latest Beulah purchase - involves supporting a great cause AND shopping... what better combination?!

Now that the wet and wintry weather has rolled in, my morning commute has just got that little bit more unbearable. Not only am I lugging multiple bags around (as I can never quite fit all my belongings into one), but I also have my coat and umbrella to balance on my breaking arms! After a particularly bad morning where a 'gentleman' trod on my new suede Whistles boots with his wet muddy man shoe, I decided I needed a big canvas tote in my life which could hold ALL my daily essentials and possessions!

During my morning Instagram peruse I stumbled across a photo of Millie Mackintosh with a very cute tote and an anti slavery hashtag...I was intrigued...

After checking out the Beulah website, I not only fell in love with the cobalt heart print 'Made With Love' tote but with the whole story behind it. 

Natasha and Lavinia founded The Beulah Trust in January last year, their main aim - eradicating slavery. The charity provides grants for skills courses to give woman who are/have been victims of sex trafficking and abuse the opportunity to find work. My new 'Made With Love' tote is produced by Freeset, a business in Kolkata in India, who provide a bank account, work and income for these woman enabling them to create a new start for themselves. 

It's refreshing to find a fashion brand with such a heart warming ethos at its very core and the knowledge that your purchase is not making the rich richer but actually creating an industry to help an amazing cause. 

And if it's not a bag you're after they have much more to offer, I'm now lusting after the printed shawls!! Check the full range out here and get spending my friends! 

Gleefully tearing open our November Flavour Full Stop box to unearth a whole new collection of treats! This month has been our favourite yet, a box packed lovingly with a Thanksgiving theme! 

Ok I know Thanksgiving is an American tradition but if we're going to adopt the Black Friday in our retail world, then why can't we also indulge in pumpkins and peanut butter and jelly?!

The founder of Flavour Full Stop, Heather, lived in California for a few years so it was a pretty exciting one for her to put together. You can tell it was done with extra TLC as everything I unearthed had clearly been thought through, was fun and looked super yum! So much so that one part didn't even make it through that evening...inhaled in seconds!!!

This month our treats were...

- Doorstop Baking - double Chocolate Brownie Mix. A personal favourite for us - basically brownies in a pot! Minimal measuring required just empty the contents of the jar into a bowl with butter and eggs and there you have it...walnuts, choc chips and all! We're still to bake ours but oh-so-excited - follow up post will be winging it's way for sure!

- The Market Wraps - Louisiana's BBQ Sauce - already in full swing in the 3BM Kitchen - the perfect marinade for finger licking good chicken wings!

- Keen Almond Butter Pumpkin Spice - pumpkin had to feature somewhere, but who would have thought in a butter?! Basically a healthy alternative to nutella or peanut butter...what's not to like! Also included in our box was a fab Pumpkin Spice Almond Cookie recipe which I can't wait to try out...again watch this space for a follow up post!

- Square Root London - Root Beer - a Hackney based company taking over London, delivering their sodas on a vintage tricycle!

Manfood Bread & Butter Pickles - a traditional American inspired pickle with lots of crunch and deliciousness that we'll apparently be cooking meat just so we can eat this Manfood!!

- Sugar 245 - Peanut Butter and Jelly Marshmallows - if you hadn't guessed these were the beauties that didn't make it through the night. Heaven in a little cube - super soft, super fluffy and super tasty...there's no better combination than peanut butter and jelly in my eyes and after trying these I'm sure you'll agree!! 

My favourite part...Sugar 245 do an annual subscription for £100 where you get two 100g boxes each month plus samples of new flavours...HEAVENLY!

Right all you lovely lot, now that I've made all your tummies rumble it's time to knuckle down and get through this fabulous Friday and hit the weekend! 

The Mice x

P.s ALWAYS remember...

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