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Friday 27 March 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been....

Yipeeeeeee it's Friday and that means only one thing... 

Oh yes, get your head down and nose into that book, spreadsheet, power point or whatever tool takes over your working hours, and let's speed our way together through to gin o'clock!

But before you get carried away, grab a mug of tea and let me tell you all about what the Mice have mostly been doing this week...

Lip syncing to the fabulous cover of Breathe from Years & Years.

Rewind ten years and I'm back in my shiny red Peugeot 106, 
Blue Cantrell blaring from the speakers, speeding home from my boyfriend's house in attempt to make my week night curfew! Well I'm now a decade older, on the tube amongst hundreds of cross commuters still listening to the same song but to a slowed down, mellowed version...more mature I'd like to say?! 

Years & Years have been making music since 2009 (literally years and years...), releasing songs through an independent label however they're now signed to Polydor and their first album, Communion, will be released this June (available for pre-order now). You may recognise front man, Olly Alexander, as he's previously starred in Skins and more recently Riot Club, however he's put his acting career on hold and it's now all about the music!

Olly, along with bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and keyboard player Emre Turkmen, were crowned winners of the BBC Music Sound of 2015 award and have toured with man of the moment Sam Smith...they're already notching up serious cool points hey?! 

I love both King and Desire, which were released last year however their version of Breathe showcases this band's sheer brilliance and individuality. They're simply doing what they love and clearly do best, and fingers crossed steering clear of the manufactured, commercial side of pop production. 

They strike a great balance of upbeat, feel good songs with an underlying dance vibe however can also master the soulful side giving their style a deeper dimension...something no one is covering off right now. The vocals are pure and intoxicating which marries perfectly with the band's electro-pop vibe. 

Anyone who can make their cover better than an original has my vote and Years and Years win on all the below in 3BM's eyes! Take a look and let us know what you think...I challenge you to listen without  moving your head to the beat and mouthing all the words...!

Going coco crazy for new teeth whitening trend of oil pulling. No idea what I'm talking about? You're forgiven this time, but here's your chance to get in the know...and you should I'm pretty impressed already!

Forget costly and painful hours of chemical packed teeth whitening treatments, now all you need is Coco White and 10-15 minutes before bed! Essentially they're baby sachets of flavoured coconut oil which you swirl around your mouth for 5-15 minutes (before brushing your teeth) and BAM a gleaming set of pearly whites are yours!

The theory...Coco White is based on the Indian folk remedy of oil pulling - basically swilling oil around your mouth. The bad bacteria in your mouth which builds up as plaque (creating yellowing, bad breathe, gum inflammation etc) get swept up by the oil and dissolved. Every time you carry out the oil pulling process you remove more and more bacteria resulting in a 100% natural whitening process. 

I love the natural element to the process and anything linked to coconut oil is bound to impress - its health benefits are endless. After jumping the initial hurdle of the strange consistency when you squeeze into your mouth (I've learnt to warm in your palm more before hand) I'm now onto day four and a little obsessed! Although slightly sceptical to begin with, once you've given it a go you can see how the theory works as the oils gets round every tooth thoroughly and the results I've seen on instagram are amazing. I'll report back again after my full 14 day trial, however so far so good...I'm swiftly becoming a coco convert!

Spinning my brand new Alexa De Castilho pineapple necklace. I've been on the look out for the perfect gold disc necklace for a while now, one that can worn to dress up a deep v tee or the finishing touch to a plain high neck spaghetti strap cami. 

Reading the story behind Alexa's first range entitled Rio Discotheque, has made me love this piece even more! Having grown up in Rio in the 70s, Alexa spent many years secretly watching her mother's fabulous parties from the stairs...a life of glamorous outfits, leopard print sofas, tropical gardens, lazy cocktails by the pool accompanied by over sized sunglasses and stacks of gold necklaces and rings. 

The killer jewellery range! Take a look here and snap yourself up a little treat to add a little Rio glamour into your life! 

And that's it for another week...make sure you have a fabulous weekend and remember...

The Mice x

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