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Monday 16 March 2015

Cracking Chops - Blacklock...

After a short break we're back and raring to go! Having got our fair quota of sun, beach clubs, cocktails and partying, we're ready to fight the (fingers crossed) final few weeks of cold weather and hopefully see Spring shining through!

Thankfully there's been far too much going on with HK mouse back in London, for our holiday blues to really set in. With lots of stories to exchange, gossip to share and plans to get excited for, we thought a sister dinner was called for! After hearing some great reviews about Soho newbie Blacklock, we thought why not give it a whirl. 

From the street it doesn't look fact you'd be forgiven for walking straight by, however that would mean seriously missing out so keep those eyes peeled! The external makeshift appearance doesn't look too promising, but once inside expect London's favourite interior theme, urban shabby chic - exposed brick, dim lighting, blackboards, communal tables all surrounding the bustling open kitchen. Housed in an ex Soho brothel the ceilings are high and the ambiance is dark and moody - the perfect post work hang out to hide away from the real world. 

Typically you can't make reservations so get down there in good time or park yourself at the bar and make your way through the the cocktail list whilst you wait! Speaking of cocktails, they've crafted a short but sweet list for £5 - an absolute bargain. I opted for Grandma's spiked lemonade which went down far too easily - ice cold, refreshing and definitely on the good side of spiked! Next up we decided some bubbles were in order which arrived in beautiful cut glass saucers - chic and delicious, our favourite combo! 

Now down to serious business - the food. You'll be comforted to know that this beauty is backed by three ex Hawksmoor employees, so you're in seriously safe hands when it comes to meat. The menu is every carnivore's dream - completely dedicated to chops, chops and more chops! We decided to opt for the 'All In' and hand our fate over to the professionals. 

For £20 a head you get a selection of pre chop bites for the table - Egg and Anchovy, Cheese and Pickle and Filthy Ham - all nice (our favourite being the Egg and Anchovy) however nothing particularly wow...but trust me this is all about to change...

The star of the show comes in the form of a huge plate piled high with beef, pork and lamb chops - a dinner for champions! 

The meat is cooked to perfection...seared on the outside and pink and tender on the inside, with a delicious smokey, juicy, finger licking good flavour! The final cherry on the top...hidden beneath the golden mountain of chops you'll find charcoal grilled flat bread which has soaked up all the meaty goodness...I'm practically dribbling just remembering...heavenly! Included in the £20 you also get to pick a side favourite had to be the 10 hour ash roasted sweet potato and the kale and parmesan salad, but who am I kidding it's all about the MEAT!! 

If you have any room left pudding is available off menu (there's only one on offer at a time), we of course couldn't resist so shared a slice of vanilla and rhubarb word...DIVINE! 

All in all, a welcome addition to Soho - laid back, great food, affordable, cool vibe and fun music...the perfect all rounder! But keep it on the down low, let it be our little secret...!

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