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Tuesday 16 September 2014

A Cut Above the Rest: Lasercut Maptastic Masterpieces

Every now and then we develop a full blown obsession with some random category of objects. 

These obsessions come on without warning, cause crazy levels of pinning, mad levels of late night trawling of eBay and Etsy, followed by some serious flexing of our credit cards. Previous obsessions we've admitted to on the blog include pineapplesflamingos and neon signs

Our latest obsession? Papercut city maps. 

Yes, even for us, we'll admit we've maybe hit a new high of weirdness

On the off chance that you're also desperate for little laser cut mappery in your life, here's our round-up of the maptastic masterpieces currently topping our lust list...

Famille Summerbelle London Paper Cut Map 


Metropolitan Cityscapes Tokyo Map

Karen M O'Leary Paris Map


And last but not least a whole host of paper cuts snipped out of a maps - pure cartographic incredibleness!




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