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Thursday 13 June 2013

Flamingos a-go-go

Every now and then I get an unexplained obsession with something completely random. My current being flamingos.

Yes, I know. All very odd.

Perhaps it's the fact that summer's been a little bit of a damp squib so far and that flamingos are unavoidably cheerful and reminiscent of tropical holidays. Maybe it's their kitschy fabulousness. Or perhaps it's just because they're pink and stand on one leg... Who knows?! All I can say for certain is that anything with a flamingo print or even just anything in flamingo pink is currently crusing up my lust list.

If you need a little flamingo awesome in your life (and frankly who doesn't?!) here are my top picks...

Flamingos & Zebras Print

Edie Parker Flamingo Clutches
Available to pre-order on Moda Operandi from €985

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ASOS Flamingo Bandeau Swimsuit

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Tory Burch Flamingo iPhone 5 Case

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Lily & Lionel Marcy Scarf

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Barry M Flamingo Pink Nail Varnish

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ASOS Flamingo Print Ruffle Bikini

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Anthropologie Flamingo Pillow

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