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Thursday 27 June 2013

Fruity Fashion : Pineapple Trend

We're all brought up to follow a healthy diet inclusive of the all important 5 a day - if I'm being honest I normally opt for fruit over veg to fulfil my daily quota ... mango madness with a passionfruit side vs steamed cabbage with a couple of courgettes = no competition! But, what happens if you have a manic day ahead of you packed with back-to-back meetings and hundreds of emails to get through? How do you find the time to get your dose of fruity goodness? Well this is where the latest tutti-fruity trend comes to the rescue - pineapples! If you don't have time to consume the goodness then the next best thing is to rock the goodness in fashion form...!

Over the years the supermarket fruit aisle has been a common source of inspiration for many designers. We had Stella McCartney who added a dash of zesty citrus chic to the catwalks...

Then there was Prada going nanas over bananas... 

But this season is all about the pineapple! 

Us Mice have searched high and low to bring you the most juicy, fruity finds - from sun dresses to accessories to house trinkets and even present tags ... you name it, we've found it! Enjoy!

Lee Renee pineapple necklace - £89

Reverse Sun In Dress from ASOS - £45

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