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Friday 11 April 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Another week down, and boy are we ready for it to be over...but we made it and it's the weekend so, we couldn't feel better!! The last seven days have zipped by packed full of delicious dinners (Rita's review to come next week), G&Ts, hangovers, minimal sleep and as little work as possible! Here's to two blissful days of freedom pretty much filled with the same again but trading the work for blogging!

If you need me, you'll find me right about here...

So when we haven't been day dreaming about dreaming in bed (yes it does make sense!), this week the Mice have mostly been...

Failing to Recover from one almighty hen weekend and believe me it has taken ALL week!!

I posted about one of my good friends last year who I thought needed a bit of 3BM love. Well she's not only back in business but about to get married in a mere matter of weeks!!

So off we trundled, all packed up and raring to go to give her single life the almighty send off it deserved!

The plan was a booze-fuelled weekend full of hangovers, bike rides, lots of laughter and a huge side of silliness with, of course, a light sprinkling of naked men!!

And....that we got in an abundance!!!!

Our base for the weekend was the land of the dragon, the one and only Cardiff! After a four and a half hour drive, we eventually arrived to the madness...and the party did not stop from there on in - we're talking 9am Bloody Marys, cocktails, cocktails and a few more cocktails and a set of Bristolian Butlers in just an apron and quite randomly trainers (?!) who had reams of party game up their...aprons... Plus, how could we forget a surprise stripper who we all initially suspected was a burglar but just went with it!!

And as for the rest - well, what happens on Winny's Welsh weekend stays...on the blog to haunt everyone for a lifetime Hahahaha!!!! Enjoy....

All in all, one hell of a weekend crammed full of amazing memories with a group of fabulous girls. Roll on the wedding...I literally cannot wait!!

Puckering up at every opportunity to apply my new Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss which I'm officially a little bit in love with!

Now, finding the perfect lip gloss is no mean feat! I'm sure the majority of us were all victims to the 90's Juicy Tube craze...thick, sickly sweet, neon pink gloss that was so sticky it practically glued your mouth shut! Absolute social suicide if you didn't have one of these bad boys to hand...however I'm pleased to say our tastes have matured somewhat over the last decade! 

So when I laid my hands on Urban Decay's new Naked Glosses I couldn't be happier! Sleek chic packaging (ensuring that it looks right at home in your Celine, Givenchy, Sophie Hulme, Prada the list is endless), a killer colour palette and an all round winner when it comes to the essential lipgloss checklist. Long lasting - tick, not too thick or sticky - tick, no glitter in sight - tick and super nourishing - tick!

For me it really does tick all those boxes and what's more it's packed full of vitamins, oils and filling spheres (not going to get all science on you, but let's just say, that apparently 86% of users in trials found noticeable improvements in wrinkles and fine lines)! Finally, a gloss that makes you look younger whilst gifting you with the most kissable lips...perfection!!

If I haven't sold it enough already try it out, you can buy it online here for just £14! 

From now on I'm totally a Naked girl...only when it comes to makeup brands of course!! 

We haven't left you with a Friday song for a way too long, so we thought let's kick this weekend off with some crazy but loveable Pamola Faith...

Have a fabulous one 

The Mice x 

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