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Thursday 10 April 2014

Matchy-Matchy Magic...

I bow down to the new match-made-in-heaven trend that has taken the fashion world by storm... Yes that's right people, spring sets are sexy!

Printed coordinates are, it would seem, the new Mary Kate and Ashley. The only rule is that everything must match - a concept that doesn't sit particularly well with me as I've always been taught that being colour co-ordinated is not cool. In fact I've always been lead to believe that matchy matchy is for fashion roadkill! That said however, I've fallen for this fashion fad hook, line and sinker.

So much so, that last weekend, I spent the majority of my Sunday scouring the internet for perfect pairing inspiration and boy did I find it...


Convinced? I certainly am and plan to spend the rest of my Sunday playing match maker bagging myself a sizzling set to rock next weekend!


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  1. I love the matchy matchy thing. Although I feel like there always needs to be one statement colour or accessory - a bag, a necklace, a jacket xx