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Friday 31 July 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

This is week can easily be summed up by...

Over-indulgence, celebration, perfection and a lot of cheating!!! 

Well what other way is there to celebrate turning 30 hey?! 

When we haven't been weeping about being another year older and hitting an almighty milestone, the Mice have mostly been...

Slathering, scrubbing, filing and smoothing every lotion and potion all over ourselves to make sure we are well and truly Ibiza prepped! We say no way Jose to patchy tans, scaly legs and chipping nails - OH NO we want to be raring to go in the beauty stakes, but with no up-keep of course! 

Lashes are covered by my trusty contact Christie who keeps me fabulously fluttery at all times, perfectly quenched skin is ensured with a daily dose of Kiehl's Soy Milk and Honey whipped body butter and our tootsies are espadrille ready thanks to Scholl's Velvet Smooth foot file (seriously a wonder tool that everyone should own!). 

All that's left to sort is some hard-wearing pastel polish that can withstand 7 days and nights of sun worshipping and hardcore partying! Recently I've been a total shellac convert, however my nails are saying no and I've had to stop for the last few breakdown alert!!!

Since then I've been searching high and low for a brand that can give that high gloss finish of gel but where a UV light isn't required. Standard polish looks a little ropey after 48 hours and I can't be wasting valuable cocktail and sun time waiting for my nails to dry, can I?! Cue my new beauty obsession...CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

All you do is apply a few layers of your coloured CND varnish as normal and finish off with a layer of the weekly top coat and BAM there you have it! Essentially natural light activates the top coat's ProLight Technology which delivery week long chip free perfection, yipeeee! 

The answers to all my beauty prayers and now I think I'm ready to goooooo!!!

Celebrating like there's no tomorrow by blowing out far too many candles, sipping champagne and stuffing our faces with cake of course! 

Obviously I've been far too busy having fun this week to write about it in detail, however I made sure I took lots of snaps of how I celebrated the last 30 years from this... this - obviously a much more mature version...

Until Next week my friends....

The Mice

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