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Monday 3 August 2015

Heiress v. Penniless: Lace-up Flats

If we'd told you a couple of seasons ago that this summer you'd be lusting after a pair of flats that look like a Scottish country dancing shoe, you may not have believed us. But then along came Aquazzura's foxy little Christy pumps and suddenly stylish girls all around the globe fell hook, line and lace-up... 

The only slight catch? Christy doesn't come cheap. You'll need to drop somewhere in the region of a long weekend in a boutique hotel in Edinburgh to have these Aquazzura babies snaking up your pins. If you happen to have a spare couple of hundred pounds knocking about then act quickly, stock of these bad boys are running low everywhere.

Aquazzura Christy Lace-up

If however, you want a Highland fling with a pair of lace-up flats which look heart-racingly similar to the Christy but without the hefty pice tag, we've rounded up the very best Christy doppelgängers - yours for the price of one strap of the Aquazzuras...

Topshop Kingdom Ghillie Pointed Shoes

Warehouse Leather Lace-up Ballet Pump

Office Low Down Ghillie Lace-up

ASOS Lift Off

River Island Black Lace Up Pointed Flats


Happy Shopping!

The Mice

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