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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Finding the One (Piece)

As the London Mice gear up for a trio of envy-inducing holidays - Ibiza, Croatia and Marrakech - this Hong Kong Mouse is trying to console herself with the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to spend weekends on boats and beaches over here without even having to leave the city. The one thing all three of us currently have in common is the search for summer's holy grail - the perfect swimsuit.

We love a bikini and have been snapping up sale bargains (hello Mara Hoffman at half price) and drooling over the crocheted kiini two pieces since the sun first popped his hat on back in the spring. But right now, we're having a little mid-summer love affair with the one piece. The tan lines may be a little less ideal than in our teeny bikinis, but we love the idea of being able to run, jump and wake surf in our swimwear without the worry of flashing everyone on the beach. Plus, chuck on a pair of denim cut-offs and you get the perfect laid-back summer 2015 look that'll take you from beach to bar in seconds. In short, this summer we're thinking more is more.

Having said that, our one rule for keeping things well away from frumpsville is making sure that there's still a flash of unexpected flesh on show. We're talking a cut-out here, a scoop back there or even a high cut leg to rival the Baywatch babes circa the Hoff's heyday. 

Check out the suits currently topping the 3BM lust list and let us know if there are any corkers we've missed... 

Gnash Swim (AUD$89)

Reiss Harlot Onepiece £70

Marysia Swim Halter Low Back Scallop One Piece £199

Blue Life Marine Halter Swim £108

Beach Riot Caesar Swimsuit £84

Monday Swim Bahamas One Piece US$159

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