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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Join The Reformation...

We've manage to cover the majority of our NYC adventures, however one area we haven't yet touched on (and we're constantly trying to justify to ourselves as the MasterCard bills land on our door mat) is SHOPPING. 

There aren't many things we have a weakness towards, our chocolate cravings are a distant memory with clean eating drilled into us, we've never been smokers...however when it comes to brand new shiny shoes, clothes, bags, jewellery, it's a whole other story. Let the three of us loose, in NYC, with just under a week together and you're pretty much going to need an intervention to stop us! 

Good retail ground was covered, making sure we blitzed Williamsburg on our first day and then moved onto Manhattan for the proceeding five days! We shopped everything from Theory to flea markets, Catbird to Ricky's, Chelsea Market to Bergdoffs, however there was one favourite which got numerous visits and we all left still wanting more...Reformation.

We mentioned this brand in a blog post last year, HK Mouse discovered it once the London Mice had departed from NYC, so we were super excited to return and rummage for ourselves! An LA based, eco-friendly brand whose aim is to educate the world on the impact fashion can have on the environment, and offer a solution with Reformation - a sustainable way to be fashionable. They start by sourcing sustainable and vintage fabrics, produce all garments in their sustainable sewing factory, use recycled hangers and packaging and employ sustainable processes throughout their supply chain. Basically spend your money here as they care about the environment whilst making killer clothes! 

Think boho chic, oversized prints, beautiful cut, low backs, flowing skirts - simple, beautiful, super cool clothes. 

If you've got a wedding this summer, or actually an occasion of any kind, then this is your answer - they have limited quantities on each style so it would be rare for anyone to arrive in the same dress and once they sell out it's gone - no repeats, they move on to the next great style instead! And it's not just occasion dresses, I'm thinking another shopping spree is called for in preparation for Ibiza and Croatia this summer...! 

Take a look here and at our favourites below and just try to resist the urge to add everything into your shopping basket...!!

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