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Friday 15 May 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Andddddddd another week has whooooooooooooshed by which can mean only one thing...

It's Friday and that's means there is only one important question on your lips ... what have the Mice been up to this week?! Well Friday friends, let's get to it and then, when we're done, lets raise a well earned glass to a beautiful weekend ahead!

This week the Mice have mostly been...

Nomming our way through delicious Bread Ahead Bakery doughnuts all in the name of national doughnut week! Strictly against our clean eating regime BUT every gal's allowed a cheat day now and then. Bread Ahead has been on my radar for some time now - I've heard dreamy things about their stall in Borough Market and the ridiculously naughty fillings they pump their dough with!!! From chocolate malt and orange cardamon, lemon curd to salted caramel & honeycomb. OMG right?! 

The story gets better ... for me .... so yesterday, I was actually in Borough for a work away day, so at lunch I crept out and headed straight to the doughy stall of deliciousness! After battling the dilemma of choosing between the many mouth-watering flavours on offer, I went for a custard vanilla. The thing I love the most about Bread Ahead is their generosity when it comes to filling! There is not a scrap of scrimping going on let me tell you! Each and every bite of pillowy heaven was jam-packed with vanilla goodness, oozing out every which way - a pig to eat gracefully but let's face it, I'm pretty much a pig anyway opting to scoff a doughnut in my lunch hour! If you're
 a doughnut fan, I urge, no in fact I demand, you taste test Bread Ahead pronto - they will surpass all others, in every way possible, I promise!

Getting lost in Adam Chodzko's mesmerising photography. A few weekends ago Mini mouse and I were wandering along Rechurch Street in Shoreditch when we stumbled across Counter Albion, a smaller sibling of The Albion just up the road. Inside the tiny but perfectly formed space is filled with healthy goodies, scrumptious salads and oh-so-good-for-you juices. We browsed for a while before we were drawn to the beautiful photography lining one of the walls. I couldn't 
wait to get home and look up the creative eye responsible. When I did, I found that the photographer, Adam was British, 47 years and his work had in fact been exhibited at the Venice and Istanbul Biennale, Frieze Art Fair, and Royal Academy among other places AKA he's kind of a big deal! When I delved deeper I discovered his work seeks to uncover the interactions and possibilities of human behaviour "in the gap between how we are and how we could be." This insight made me like him even more - photos with meaning that I can actually understand! 

The countdown is ON until payday so I can snap some of these works of art up...

Closing our eyes and transporting our Micey selves to the Spanish mountains where Alfredo’s Café resides ... I'm talking about La Montaña's new candle scent of course! 

Last Friday, I raced home after a pig of a week and decided that it was the night that 
Alfredo’s Café was going to get his debut. I sparked up a fancy New York match and set my nostrils to work! 

I'm a big fan of the La Montaña brand and all the achingly beautiful products they produce with love, care and best of all laced with charming stories. Their latest candle, which is an addition to their Mountain range, is no exception ... named after a real person, Alfredo and his actual café in Spain. The candle has been designed to evoke the best aromas of the village square – we're talking coffee, brandy, and black tobacco, infused with leather and incense from the church. It is quite simply divine and its aroma travelled through the flat like a dream...

Another thing I love about this range of candles is their labels which have been specially commissioned in the style of 1930’s posters. I honestly will keep the glass container long after the candle has burnt down and use it to house a flickering tea light as it's just too gorgeous to throw away!

Price per candle: £35.

Right, enough about us. It's 100% ...


Have a super weekend!

Lots of love
The Mice 

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review of Alfredo's Café - so glad you like it so much. Also, you may be interested to know, that Cass(of La Montaña)'s sister Athena is one of the co-founder's of Rebel Rebel who did the "Magnificent floral wall masterpiece" at the House of Peroni - so thank you on their behalf, too!