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Friday 3 April 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

This is the feeling of today for two very valid reasons...

Not only is it the start of a four day bank holiday weekend for us lucky Londoners BUT we smugly only have two more days of work left next week before we jet off to NYC for a sister micey reunion! Hooray! Apart from frantically pre-planning our New York wardrobes and ticking off each day with a squeal, This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Buffing our skin good with new found favourite brand, Sisley. Yeah, yeah, yeah we know Sisley has been around a while but we've never had the great pleasure of trialling it. Those naive, sheltered days are well behind us and all thanks to the super fantastic Liberty advent calendar HK mouse bought us for Christmas just gone. Packed full of delightful treats, one of the little boxes of joy concealed a Sisley facial voucher that could be redeemed on a spoiling day of our choice! So on a dreary day in January mini mouse and myself booked in for the Friday after work and let the Sisley sensation wash over us. Every product applied smelt like it had been sent from heaven and we walked away glowing (and slightly shiny) from all the lotions and potions left on our face working their magic. All in all the beautician said I had beautiful skin if not slightly dehydrated so she slipped me a couple of samples to try out in my own time. Firstly, the Phyto-Blanc Buff & Wash facial gel - a gentle cleanser exfoliator which really does smell divine and leave your skin feeling so gorgeously soft. Secondly the All Day All Year oh-so-luxurious day cream - you know when something just leaves you feeling expensive ... rich, thick and glides on beautifully. Both items don't come cheap but I really believe in spending good money on face products - after all we have to live with our mugs for many years to come! I bought both away with me on my recent getaway to Dubai and was practically crying with despair when the Sisley goodness ran dry. Thankfully the brand's PR gifted me the facial gel as an April treat so the Sisley spoilng can go on!

Rolling with our recent rum sour obsession at Blixen's new underground bar in Spitalfields. A little while back we bought you a rave review on the brunch menu at the new Shoreditch sensation, Blixen. Well we're here to bang on about the joint's new bar now which opened a few weeks after the restaurant itself - we're happy to report it's a goody! Dark, Moody and oh-so-swish in its appearance - lots of marble, velvet, flickering candlelight and a cracking bar to boot. It boasts that in-the-know feeling, tucked away from every Tom, Dick and Shoreditch type, we felt we were the lucky few who were in the circle of Blixen trust. Exactly the way we like it. Perfect for an after-dinner nightcap or alternatively a great haunt for a post-work cocktail or six. 3BM tipple tip - go for the Ocho Sour, an alternative cherry twist on the original ... yum, yum yummy!

Trying to say no to a very beautiful pair of stilettos - they just keeping looking at me and pleading to be snapped up ... Have you ever heard of Wittner? No me neither, but that's about to change if you follow the Instagram 'it girls' which includes the likes of Brooke Hogan, Sheetal Mudumba and Nadia Bartel. As you'll know by now I'm a sucker for shoes - they're my Kim to Kayne in life! So when your faced with daily captures of these sexy suedes AKA the Umika what's a girl to do?! 

Of course they live all the way down under in Australia so it naturally turns into a considered purchase as I can't try before I buy. Drat, I loathe those kind of purchases - I'm a buy and then cry kinda gal! They won't break the bank at $199 but that said I'm about jet of the NYC so need to save all my shopping spree cash for that. I'll sit tight fellow mice and see how the Big Apple fares before I take the plunge - stay tuned!

Well that's us spent! Wishing you all a egg-tastic Easter full to the brim of chocolate chocolate and more chocolate. See you on the other side fluffy chicks - oh and before you go, this little guy wants to say...

Lots of love

The Mice 

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