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Monday 6 April 2015

Superguides Are Us...

Destination pin pointed, passport at the ready, flights booked...what next? I guess you could just rock up and see where the day takes you...however us Mice like to have a plan! There's nothing worse than aimless wandering, missing hidden gems for garish tourist traps and resorting to panic Googling for on-the-spot inspiration.

I agree a plan can overshadow adventure, exploring and spontaneous fun however the key is not to let it take over. We like to know what's hot, what's not, what's hiding, what's overrated...basically have a little insider knowledge beforehand to make every trip one to remember!

With an NYC escape imminently approaching, planning is in full swing to create our 2015 hit list...the best brunches, vintage markets, cocktail haunts, restaurants, get the picture! 

First up where to lay our sleepy heads to catch a few zzzzz's...

With AirBnb at our fingertips, the stress of expensive hotels and conflicting trip advisor reviews is a distant memory. In a matter of minutes I had found us the perfect Brooklyn loft apartment to call home for the week. A huge open space with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and most importantly large enough to hold the many shopping bags that will no doubt make their way in! 

Easy job done, now for the tricky part....endless sites, blogs and reviews before where to start? would be a great place! Thankfully all the hard graft has been done for us by the experts and the highlights condensed into a pretty neat Superguide

City guides can be a little frustrating - often bulky, heavy, written by someone very far from a local, outdated and never succinct enough for a quick glance - reading it is a chore in itself! BUT Super Guides are around 24 - 30 pages long, can be viewed on an iPhone or printed into a nifty booklet and are released every month with updated hot spots and info. 

The guide comprises of handy tips, accommodation advice by budget, area guides and daily itineraries. The area guides are where these Superguides come into their own, each area starts with a detail map showing everything from metro stations, restaurants, hotels, to clubs, museums and departments stores. You will then find a 'Top 10' list, latest openings, recently closed, don't miss and suggestions for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner. As they are updated at the start of each month the latest information is available, so long gone are the days when you'd rock up to a recommended restaurant that closed two years ago! Every base is covered ensuring you don't miss anything and time isn't wasted with all the other tourists eating 'NYC's best burger'...surely we know anywhere that claims to be the best never is!!! 

A guide will set you back $20 and this covers you for the year - therefore 12 updates. Pretty neat if you ask me...12 months of research done for under £15 - a hell of a lot of time saved and a killer up to date holiday itinerary! 

ENJOY...I know we will! On that note this will be our last post before our NYC adventure...we'll be back with endless stories, recommendations and pictures in just over a week! Have fun and don't do anything we wouldn't do....!!

The Mice x

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