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Wednesday 18 February 2015

On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and BLIXEN!

Until last weekend the only Blixen I knew of and had warm fuzzy feelings for was of the reindeer variety. Ok, so that was Blitzen... but hey, it worked for the blog title. Slightly dyslexic reindeer punning aside, there's a new Blixen in town and we're happy to announce that he's not just for Christmas.

Confused as to who the hell this Blixen chap is?! Well let me demystify your puzzlement - Blixen is in fact a new super fancy looking brasserie in Spitalfields. We'd read about it back in January and had pegged it as one to check out ASAP. Clive Watson, co-founder of the Riding House CafĂ© and his business partner, Justin Gilbert of Coriander Buildings are behind the new venue - bodes well in my book as I have a lot of time for the tasty delights the Riding House Cafe has to offer. Anyway, last week Blixen opened it's doors to the public and we were first in queue ready to taste-test the foodie creations on offer. 

So Sunday morning arrives and Mini Mouse and I leap out of our beds at the thought of a yummy brunch with two of my most favourite Uni pals, Lauren & Hels. Out of the door we race like a flash spurred on by the thought of the strong coffee and salty-buttery-eggy-ooziness awaiting us. A short hop, skip ad a jump from home and there, tucked away just outside the market on Brushfield Street, stands Blixen loud and proud. We fling open the doors and canter in, we're running 10 minutes late as always - tut tut - but the girls are there waiting and smiling back at us with a glass full of heavenly smoothie in hand. Two happy diners already!

We quickly order up two skinny caps and greedily lap up our surroundings...

First impressions - great little set-up ... an open space, full of light, featuring different levels of seating and a killer bar! Blitxen boasts an open kitchen which always wins brownie points in my book - counter eating with a mouth-watering view anyone? 

So once we'd had a good old nose around we turned our attention to the main man - the menu! I was seriously tempted by the blueberry pancakes with a decent dollop of cinnamon mascarpone, but instead I opted for the slightly healthier potato rosti with spinach, poached eggs and parmesan shavings - yum, yum, yum...

The other three went for the potato rosti loaded with poached eggs and salt beef topped-off with a hearty helping of mustard hollandaise which apparently was equally as lip-smackingly awesome...

After polishing off our delightful dishes and scraping our plates until they were sparkling clean, we were tempted by a naughty sweet treat to end the brunch on a sugar high. Three of us couldn't look past the warm banana and salted caramel pudding with coconut sorbet - seriously orgasimically good!

And Hels went for the plate of sweet treats, a mash-up of jelly, chocolate and marshmallow bites of heaven all served up on a cute little plate - the beauty is in the detail afterall...

65a Brushfield St, 
E1 6AA

020 7377 1496

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  1. Lovely write up - thank you! Hope to see you all again very soon.

    Penny (Watson)