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Wednesday 7 January 2015

2015 = Fresh, Fit and Fabulous...

Ok, so I know everyone's aim right now is to get to the gym and kick off the year as a new improved versions of themselves, however we really do mean it!! US London Mice HAVE to mean business with just eight weeks until a Dubai trip to shift those indulgent Christmas pounds! With our break booked, we have the inspiration in place - now we just need to keep motivation up, calories down and gym training mean feat eh!?!

With the mornings and evenings still freezing cold and pitch black, the only way through is to make it every bit as enjoyable as we can and here's how we propose to do it...!

1. Dress to impress...

Admittedly unless you look like this...'s always going to be pretty difficult to look good with a day's make-up melting down your face and sweat patches growing by the second, however if we're going to kill ourselves by treadmill, we will look good doing it!! 

The go to place to kit yourself out? Net-a-Sporter. They have the very best Sport section which pretty much covers anything you desire from gym wear to Yoga, Sailing to name it they have it covered!! 

However for now I think we'll stick to gym wear only, see below for our current lust list...

Bodyism Printed Sports Bra, £50...


2. Spinning is out, Spiralizing is IN!

HK mouse posted about this craze last year and it's been top of my shopping list ever since. However, what with all the Christmas bustle, acquiring the kit somehow totally slipped my mind, until we ripped open our very own Spiralizer on Christmas Day!

With our tummies constantly rumbling after getting far too used to snacks every 15 minutes over the festive period, all we're craving at London Towers is comforting roast potatoes, cheese and pasta! So here's hoping our new spiralizer will quickly trick us into thinking courgettes are big steaming bowls of spaghetti!!! 

They look convincing enough to me...

I'm planning to get experimental this week so watch this space for some inspiralization my friends, however if you need help before then The Londoner has a beauty for you right here... 

*WARNING* if you're watching the calories DO NOT look!!

3. Be a Sunday sinner!

In the hope of transforming my body into a temple of health, I'm not going to kid myself into thinking I can cut everything enjoyable out! Therefore I've decided to follow all the rules Monday to Saturday (as much as humanly possible) and have Sunday as my cheat day! 

I'm not planning anything crazy but if I've been craving chocolate all week this is when I will allow it, but no binging! 

Other than that I will be busy sipping hot water and lemon, green juices, bathing in epsom salts, body brushing, munching on kale and drowning myself with all the water I'm drinking! WOW the fun I have ahead...!!

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