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Friday 8 August 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Phew! What a week!

This week as well as a whirl of unpacking, bouts of holiday blues and a hefty dose of belated Birthday celebrations, two of us Mice have started brand new jobs. Cue a back to school-esque urge to stock our brand new desks with shiny stationery, and kit ourselves out with fresh work uniforms. All we can say is that those first pay cheques better hurry up and hit our accounts VERY soon.

When we haven't been eyeing up new staplers or getting into the office keen bean early to put apples on our bosses' desks, this week the Mice have mostly been... 

Spiralizing absolutely anything and everything in sight. For anyone totally baffled by what the hell I'm talking about, let me introduce you to this life-altering, kitchen marvel - blog buds, meet the spiralizer...

Looks like a cross between a giant pencil sharpener and an instrument of torture, but it's actually your key to creating healthy, low-carb noodles. Grab yourself a courgette (or let's call it a zucchini), a carrot or a sweet potato, spike it in your spiralizer, crank the handle and hey presto - you've got a bowl of zoodles, coodles or umm... poodles. Possibly not the chicest addition to your cooking artillery but who cares about appearances when with the flick of a wrist, you can produce a whole heap of these bad boys...

All sounding good on paper but no idea what on earth you'd pair with your zoodles? Let me introduce the authority on all things spiral, Inspiralize - a blog completely dedicated to bringing you delicious recipes that you can whip up using your new piece of kitchen kit. 

Ok, so you may be rolling your eyes and scoffing at me right now, but with a bowl of zoodles coming in at just 21 calories and less than 4g of carbs compared to a bowl of spaghetti at a whopping 346 calories and 64g of carbs, the spiral logic starts to stack up. Snap up your very own spiralizer (just £30 on Amazon) give spiral slurping a whirl and I'll bet you'll be going round the twist for it by this time next week...

Nailing it with the latest soft gel mani brand that's landed at my fav HK pampering haven, the Loft by the Nail Library. Hot off the boat from Japan is an alternative to Shellac or OPI Gel Colour Nail Labo's Presto Bambina.

I'm now on my second set of Bambinas after I swapped my first set of holiday party nails for a more new job appropriate pale pink this week. While these gels aren't vastly different in terms of durability or shine to any other gels I've had before, the thing I'm loving about the Bambina range is the colours. Ranging from palest pastels (including a lavender-hued white that I'm definitely trying next time) to the brightest neons - see for reference my holiday mani below - the entire colour spectrum is catered for.

If you're looking for a weekend pick me up, what could be better than a snuggling into one of the Loft's comfy leather recliners with a stack of magazines, a glassy of something sparkling and a glossy set of rainbow bright nails?!

The Loft by the Nail Library
Level 2, 26 Cochrane Street,
+852 2618 8623

Adding some Rad to the weekend's beaching with a Sunday session at new Hong Kong beachside hot spot, Mavericks.

Set on a shady stretch of Pui O Beach in Lantau, Mavericks is the latest venture from Chef Austin (of Brickhouse, Roundhouse, Boomshack & Salon Number 10 fame...). The open-fronted space is decorated with graffiti and surfboards, blasts out sunny beats and serves up a whole host of killer cocktails and laidback comfort food (think - hot dogs, burgers, fish & chips and sliders).  

After hiking round to Pui O from Mui Wo ferry terminal (a fairly hilly 9km amble) we arrived at Mavericks hot and in need of hydration and sustenance. Nothing a few coronas, a couple of bottles of rosé and a round of wonton nachos couldn't sort out.

The ideal spot for whiling away a lazy weekend afternoon and feasting on a devilishly delicious chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwich (or six)...

Pui O Beach
Hong Kong
+852 5402 4154

Listening to Lily on a loop. We know we're late to the party on this one, but we've just discovered the latest Lily Allen album - Sheezuz - and it's ace! If you haven't already, download it now and make it this weekend's soundtrack.

iPod loaded with Lily? Great! So, this weekend's one rule?

Have a fab one!


The Mice


  1. Happy weekend. Congratulations on the new jobs. Spiraliser spagetti is the best, light and great taste. Lucy x

  2. Hi to each of you 3BM! :) I really enjoy reading your post and the pictures you captured are great. It makes me want to eat healthy and makes me want to go gave a vacation. Well, Congrats on having new jobs and be happy.