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Friday 9 January 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Good news! We've made it through our first whole working week of 2015! So let's start by wishing you a very, very...

Despite the fact that it's a sparkly, fresh brand new year, there does seem to have be an awful lot of doom and gloom from everyone everywhere this week. Forlorn-looking Christmas trees sit by dustbins under gloomy grey skies set to a deafening soundtrack of moaning. Moaning about being broke, moaning about dry January already becoming a struggle, moaning about being back in the office, moaning about New Year health kicks, moaning about credit card bills and yes, even moaning about all the moaning. 

Luckily, us Mice have decided that 2015 is the year for positive thinking and seeing the amazing in everything. So, rather than whinging about the less than brilliant bits of January, we thought we'd bring you a dazzling canter through all the glittery highlights of the seven days just gone. This week the Mice have mostly been...

Painting our talons happy with a few coats of bright red Rouge Louboutin nail colour. If you have to spend eight hours a day watching your nails skitter across a keyboard, they may as well make you feel amazing every time that you catch sight of them... And if having your nails painted exactly the same shade of red as the soles of your Louboutins doesn't make you happy then the jaw-droppingly awesome bottle that the nail varnish comes in certainly should. 

Inspired by the 8-inch heeled Christian Louboutin Ballerina Ultimas, the cap of the bottle is a spike/ perfectly weighted brush modelled on a calligraphy pen. 

Joy in a bottle doesn't come cheap at a whopping £36 but we've not only been blown away by the aesthetics of Rouge Louboutin, our usually chip-tastic nails have so far managed a whole week of red glossiness without a chipped edge in sight.

Getting Organised and scribbling all our exciting New Year plans in our box-fresh diaries and brand spanking new calendars. 

We bagged our Smythson 2015 diaries back in November (I opted for this particularly delish berry baby). We were also lucky enough to snaffle a Jasmine Dowling Calendar before they all sold out. But, if you missed out and are on the look out for something to help you remember all the most important 2015 dates, fear notwe've rounded up the best of the rest of the 2015 calendars (and some of them are even already reduced)...

Heidi Nicole Design 2015 A5 Calendar

Les Fleurs Floral Calendar
£21.95 reduced to £15.36

Rob Ryan Lasercut Desk Calendar

Mini Dachshund 2015 Calendar
£12.95 reduced to £9.07

Garance Dore 2015 Beaute Desk Calendar


Snuggling up on the sofa armed with a big mug of tea and a whole stack of great books. Father Christmas must also be a sneaky bookworm because he managed to deliver pretty much every book we've had on our geeky lust list this year. 

We're gradually working our way through them all so watch this space for our verdict once we've devoured each and every one.

And that's that for another week, let's kick it off with a little New Year, new you sage advice...

Happy, happy weekend!
The Mice

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