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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Peckish Perfect Pub : Morgan Arms

You can't beat a really good boozer in my opinion but in London they're not so easy to come across. On the rare occasion you do hit the pub jackpot, hang on for dear life to the knowledge and be strictly strategic about who you tell, or you run the risk of it becoming the hot spot for every Tom, Dick & Harry! Seeing as you're part of my extended Mouse family, I'm going to share my latest pub love with you all...

Step forward, The Morgan Arms … tucked back from Bow station, nestled besides a gorgeous little square surrounded by row upon row of charming townhouses. It really is quite the picturesque spot which was a pleasant surprise as let's be honest, Bow isn't famous for it's beauty now is it? 


So a few Sundays ago I had arranged a girly catch-up with my very good and utterly gorgeous university pal, Lauren. I should probably draw your attention to the fact that I was appallingly hungover (Champagne brunch escapades the previous day to blame for that!). As a result, I was feeling incredibly sorry for myself - cue the ever so quiet violins, remember I have a Champagne head! I had given Lauren the heads up on the 'situation' so when I arrived I was greeted with an almighty bear hug! I immediately perked up - the prospect of a lazy afternoon of chatter and yummy food with one of my favourite people was just too good to waste by wallowing in hungover self-pity!

So first impressions - 10 out of 10. Pretty duck egg blue painted exterior, cute hanging baskets housing colourful happy petals and brass arched lights illuminated the drinking house. It helped that it was a miserable drizzly day outside, so as soon as I stepped through the doors I felt a rush of toasty warmth and was met with smiles all round! 

We headed straight to our table, nestled slap bang in the middle of the action offering up the perfect view of the glorious kitchen and head chef hard at work. We were immediately asked what we would like to drink. My answer, very quickly, was 'are you frickin' kidding me? Does this grey face look like it could handle any form of booze right now…??? I'll stick to cucumber infused water please' … our waiter nodded knowingly and scurried off, only to return 5 minutes later offering up Berroca - now if this doesn't award one brownie points, I don't know what will! Our food order was taken super quickly by our uber attentive waiter, there's no faffing around in this stellar establishment. Everything sounded uber-tasty but we generically went for the Sunday roast beef. I had heard huge hype about the tasty gravy and melt in your mouth fluffy yorkshire puds so I was pretty excited to taste-test these bad boys for myself… 

And....I'm happy to report that the roast was rip-roaringly superb! Beasting portions, vegetables cooked to perfection with that all important crunch, moreishly divine roasty potatoes, rare beef packed full of flavour and the gravy and yorkshires lived up to our sky high expectations. I was practically bursting at the seams when I took my last mouthful and whimped out of ordering dessert. Big mistake, HUGE! Lauren put her food sweats to one side and indulged in the passionfruit panna cotta. I had a cheeky mouthful when it arrived and regretted my rash decision immediately - light, creamy and stunningly sweet.

Will I be making a return visit? Damn straight I will! A weekly occurrence is most certainly on the cards in fact. Thumbs up, claps all round, gold star-worthy - Morgan Arms, two words … YOU. ROCK. 

The Morgan Arms
43 Morgan St 

0208 980 6389


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