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Friday 29 August 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Guess what...

We know it was only a four day week for us UK lot, but with all this God awful rain and miserable'ness surrounding us, it could easily have been a 10 day week! Us London Mice have also had to deal with immense holiday blues ... after a week glued to a lounger, a glass of wine permanently in hand, at a glorious French farmhouse, we couldn't have felt any closer to bursting into tears each and every morning as our alarm's jolted us awake. HOWEVER, despite the pain, we all made it through, Friday is here once again, and I can almost smell the Hendricks!

When we haven't been on the brink of a temper tantrum every time someone rests their dripping umbrella against our leg on the tube, desperately trying to tame our frizzy locks or jumping out the way of cars puddles splashing us on the street - this week the Mice have mostly been....

Reminiscing back to afternoons spent basking in the sun, flicking through Grazia without a care in the world whilst slurping on our new obsession ... jugs of gin and basil lemon cooler! 

Yes I said jugs. Believe me, a glass will not suffice however I warn you, clear the entire afternoon as they are an absolute killer! Both days we mixed up one of these bad boys we both mysteriously fell into a deep afternoon sleep for a few hours completely zonked out ... I'm sure it must have been due to our morning runs though...!

Very easy, very drinkable and oh so delicious! 

You Need...

5 lemons - juiced
1 cup of sugar
A good bunch of basil
1-2 cups of gin
Ice cold water

How To...

1. Fill a jug with lots of ice and add the juice of all five lemons

2. Add 1 to 2 cups of gin, depending on how brave you feel, and your cup of sugar

3. Top up with ice cold water and add your torn basil leaves

4. Give your lemony, basily concoction a good stir to dissolve the sugar and serve with a slice of fresh lemon and a basil leaf! 

5. Enjoy! And maybe, to be on the safe side, make sure you apply a layer of suncream before you start just in case our bouts of heavy afternoon sleep weren't actually down to our morning runs!

Watching the self-soaking bucket challenge snowball out of control! Every third Facebook post now features a new wet-look video from a friend or colleague and practically every celeb has been splashing their way through the week! 

It is for a hugely worthy cause to raise awareness and research funds for Motor Neurone Disease so we’re backing it from that perspective however we can’t help but be annoyed by the many celebs and general public who are taking the opportunity to wear their smallest bikini’s or get glammed up to the max to fulfill the challenge. NOT THE POINT PEOPLE! 

HK Mouse has actually taken part in the challenge and donated. Check out her video on her Instagram.

On a silly note, it has been an fascinating insight into celebrities' gardens and exotic trips away! Our favourites include:

The Beckham clan…

Trouser Snake's…

And, Benedict Cumberbatch’s ice montage… 

Lastly, here's to a...

Love, love, love, 
The Mice xxx


  1. I feel for you as I used to hate the British weather so much when I was still living in Nottingham.
    But TGIF indeed! This is Isabel, a journalist based in Hong Kong and I am new to the party of blogging about lifestyle, beauty and fashion. I've always been a fan of your blog as you do make awesome recommendations. I hope you could check out my blog at at some point and lemme know what you think. Have a nice weekend ladies X

  2. I am feeling your pain just back from ten glorious sunny days in Greece and arrive back to miserable and rainy Britain sucks. This drinks sounds lovely. Happy weekend Lucy x