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Thursday 28 August 2014

Getting Crafty: A Pair & A Spare Workshops

As I glow through my sixth Hong Kong summer (horses sweat, ladies glow, don't you know...), I have come to the realisation that unless I am submerged in the sea, or shut away in my icy-cool, air-conned flat, August in the city is pretty darn miserable. 

Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the most amazing (and blissfully cool) way to while away a scorchio Saturday afternoon when Team Sassy were invited to a workshop at the A Pair And A Spare studio. Actually, it would also be an amazing way to while away a rainy afternoon, a stormy afternoon or even an afternoon when the weather is perfectly blue-skied and non-humid. In fact, it would genuinely be one of my all time dream places to hang out, full stop.

If you haven't heard of DIY Fashion Blog, A Pair & A Spare (where have you been?!), we're actually quite jealous, as that means that you have hours and hours of blog-surfing fun ahead of you, poring over Geneva's genius ideas for replicating catwalk trends at a snip. But the really, really great news for Hong Kongers is that Geneva has just finished DIYing her brand new studio and is kicking off a series of weekend workshops to celebrate. This means that anyone and everyone in the 852 now gets to hang out with the DIY maven and hope that a little of her crafty magic will rub off on them (and at the very least head home with something fabulous they've made from scratch).

I headed down with the Sassy girls two weeks ago and we all tried our hand at the knotting school workshop - AKA turning a fish bowl, a handful of brass rings and a few metres of rope into a super cool hanging planter vase.

With the boys from Fish & Meat there to whip up a few mason jars' of the dangerously delicious farmhouse jam cocktails, Nice Pops keeping us cool with their boozy lollies and a studio decked out with the most Pinterest-worthy floral pineapples ever, there was nothing left for us to do but get down to the serious business of knotting...

I could go write pages and pages of gushing and swooning over the jaw-droppingly incredible studio, but lucky for you, I'm going to let the photos do the talking...  

DIYing done and we all headed a debrief over cocktail top-ups and scrumptious Invisible Kitchen canap├ęs.

Oh and did I mention the boozy lollies...? Hic!

A couple of hours later, after one too many country jams, I happily bumbled home swinging a goody bag stuffed with booty from Anything But Salads, Ditto Ditto and Pyar while proudly showing off my knotting handiwork to anyone and everyone who glanced my way.

Geneva's taking bookings now for September & October workshops which start at HK$1,200 for the afternoon (including all the materials for your DIY, drinks, nibbles and a fab goody bag). Bag your spot fast before she sells out!

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