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Monday 1 September 2014

3BM : Luscious Lips...

Everyone knows a girl can never have too many shoes, clothes, cocktails...but in our opinion the same has to be said about lipsticks! 

If you're anything like us Mice, you're constantly switching handbags from day to night, work to beach or just to match your outfit, but there's nothing more annoying than reaching for your favourite lipstick for a quick touch-up only to be met with nothing but empty chewing gum wrappers and receipts! At least that's how we justify snapping up a wide range of favourite lip colours and making sure they're littered in every tote, clutch and shopper we own! 

Gone are the days when Juicy Tubes were the only must have product on the market, we are now met with reams and reams of beautifully packaged product in all different consistencies and hues! I could spend hours in the Selfridges beauty hall wandering from counter to counter, admiring and testing until my hand looks like an artists paint palette!

After years of trying and testing all sorts of options, I have finally settled on my three favourites which are currently sat in a little pouch all together (I'm scared I'll lose one) and get transported from bag to bag everywhere I go! 

Our 3BM top three must-haves to create luscious lips all round are...

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach, £30

This is a 2 in 1 miracle product...a week on the beach in a stick! I am totally obsessed Tilbury has worked her magic once again. Use it on your lips for a slick of shimmery gilding or dash it across your cheeks to add a instant glow and give great cheekbone. I've got the Moon Beach shade which is a beautiful rose gold tone and looks fab mixed up with my Clinique Chubby Stick below! 

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Gotta Dash, £16.50 

If like me you've avoided lipsticks in the past haunted by childhood flashbacks of your teenage self slathered in chalky, dry lipsticks in an unattractive coffee shimmer shade...fear not, today's formulas are much advanced and avoiding the corpse look is just a case of a little time hanging out with the uber helpful make-up artist team in Mac! This is the perfect product to reassure you, a mix between a lipstick and a lipglaze - super moisturising, glides on and leaves a beautiful sheen. I love the pink coral shade to add a discreet pop to an outfit! 

Clinique Chubby Stick in Heaping Hazelnut, £17

Officially a lip balm but a tinted one that comes in a wide range of colours - this is the perfect addition to your everyday beauty routine and a desk essential for all day top ups! It's actually a treatment which relieves dry and cracked lips but a little more chic than a tube of blistex! 

Now get pouting and fluttering those lashes....

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