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Thursday 24 July 2014

The Scent of Summer...

The humid weather has hit resulting in horrific tube journeys and restless nights, but we can't's just London's version of a summer!

I'm almost getting used to my make-up sliding off my face by the end of my morning commute and feeling the need for a cold shower after making any type of energetic movement! However moaning aside, there are a few things that make all of the above slightly more bearable...

Firstly the thought that at least it isn't raining and we can enjoy everything al fresco in London...why not bask in the evening sun at Camden beach...

....and secondly an amazing fresh new summer perfume!

I love a new perfume at any time of the year, but there's seriously nothing better for quelling your high heat bad mood than a spritz of a fresh, light perfume - instantly cooler, calmer and brighter! Well it works for me anyway and especially with the newbie I've been lusting after that Middle Mouse surprised me with a few weeks ago! 

The Acqua Di Parma  Blu Mediterraneo range comprises of six different fragrances all aiming to evoke senses of the Italian Mediterranean. This I believe they do very well indeed! I actually fell for the beautiful azure bottle before I even smelt it - I know, I know never judge a book by it's cover - however this time it was spot on! 

It reminded me of picturesque Sardinian sea, a deep crystal blue shimmering with sunlight and with one smell you're transported to balmy holiday evenings, freshly showered after a tiresome day sunbathing and revitalised for the evening ahead! Every morning whilst I spritz away, I have a miniature daydream and then of course come crashing down to reality! 

I fell for the beautiful Mirto Di Panarea with fresh notes of lemon and basil, highlights of rose and jasmine and all underpinned by a deep cedar wood and amber base. It makes for a perfect everyday fragrance but also one I have been wearing for summer evenings sipping on a chilled glass of sauvignon -heaven! 

I'm now totally and unashamedly hooked and already eyeing up the matching shower gel and body lotion...! 

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