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Wednesday 23 July 2014

A-Grade Art: The Aestate

We got thoroughly overexcited about the recent Mara Hoffman x Anthropologie home collaboration. At the weekend we found ourselves choosing to read Elle Decor and Vogue Living over the stack of glossy fashion magazines at the hairdressers. And we have several hundred pins on our 3BM Home Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

In fact, we'd go as far as to say that we're almost as obsessed with interior design as we are with shoes. Big statement! Does that mean we're getting old and boring? Very probably! But if it leads to a chicer, more stylish home, who cares?!

One of our big guilty pleasures is scouring home blogs and interior design websites while eating our lunches al desko. If you have to eat your sandwich in front of your computer, you may as well be plotting your dream home while you do it... On a recent midday surfing session, we were browsing one of our fav home websites, Domaine (little sister site to Who, What, Wear and Byrdie), which lead us to an absolute gem of a home decor discovery - The Aestate.

The Aestate, brainchild of artist, Jessica Rowe, is a company selling super-chic prints of Rowe's fashiony watercolours.

Just look at these Aestate prints looking totally delicious in a variety of very stylish homes below...

Image via: Erika Brechtel

Image via: Mimosa Lane

Instagram Images via: @theaestate Instagram
So now you're probably wondering how extortionate the price tag is and how hard it is to get your hands on a slice of this Aestate awesome. Well, we're delighted to tell you that the answers to those questions are both blissfully great. Prints start from as little as US$10 and go up to a still ridiculously reasonable US$61. And, you can get your paws on a print via the Aestate eShop. Oh, and it's free shipping on all orders over US$75...!
We're particularly in love with a series of four tropical banana leaf prints which are inspired by the iconic wallpaper of the Beverly Hills Hotel.




Also coveting all of these fash-tastic prints...



Snap up your favs now for the very best-dressed walls of the season!

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