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Friday 25 July 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Folks - summer has FINALLY arrived here in London. We've pretty much had a full week of beautiful weather - blue skies, birds singing and flip flops all round! We're keeping everything crossed that it continues into the weekend when we plan do oh-so-much of this...

In other news HK mouse is away on yet ANOTHER holiday with her boyfriend, Jasper - this time Cambodia for 10 days. Lucky ducky! Watch her Instagram for almost guaranteed daily updates... 

Mini and myself have been powering on as always until Thursday evening struck and I was bought down with a bout of viral laryngitis - boo hoo for me! So i've been resting up and feeling rather sorry for myself - OI i'm allowed, i'm ill!

Bar the above, this week the mice have mostly been...

Spoiling our skin with the new Verbena Collection. Fresh, lemony with a hint of cucumber, cooling and quite simply divine - L'Occitaine couldn't have timed this launch better with the recent scorching weather. 

My favourite has to be the limited edition fragrance (RRP £42, 100ml) - i've used half of the bottle already - it's seriously summer bottled! It's actually rather addictive, mini keeps telling me off for being wasteful as I spray it too often! She's just jealous!

The shower gel (RRP £14, 250ml) is also super spoiling, a real treat after a busy day at work or to freshen you up before a summer's evening out with friends. We also tried the body mist (RRP £12, 50ml) and the ice gel for legs and feet (RRP £20, 50ml) - a big thumbs up all round - we now just need to slow down on how often we're using them to make them last the summer!

Going gaga over Christian Louboutin's signature red nail varnish! Need I go on??? Well, I will regardless! Most of you will by now understand my great obsession with shoes and in particular Louboutin's and that raunchy red sole.

The red hot polish matches the brand's iconic sole to the t and what's more... have you seen the beautiful bottle design? The varnish lid is inspired by the highest stiletto the brand sells, measuring 20.5cm. And apparently, nail varnish is where it all started 20 years when CL was busy designing. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of his assistant's red nail varnish ... so, like you do, he started painting the soles with the colour as an experiment. One hell of an experiment we'd say! 

The range is said to be made up of 30 different hues of which are set to be released in September at £36 a pop. We likey!  

Witnessing a baby boom! Last Saturday, I celebrated my gorgeous friend Gemma's 30th birthday. I arrived at her house for an afternoon of BBQ food and champagne and was greeted by more babies than adults! I hadn't until this moment actually realised how many of my friends were doing the baby thing - i'm clearly not there yet! Here's a snap of me and Raffy (Gem's sweet little boy)...

Anyway this baby boom realisation got me thinking and I just had to share the following with you. Homemade House Illustrations, set up by my old school pal Erin, offers the cutest personalised baby announcement cards for mums and dads. 

So often you receive the same birthday, moving home and well done cards because naturally we all flock to the best designs in the likes of Paperchase or John Lewis. The thing I love about Erin's designs is that they're so different and clever. The baby's building blocks spell out the new bundle's name, the calendar displays the date he/she was born, a clock for the time and scales for the baby's weight. Lovely. Order in batches of 25, 50 and 100...

Well that's it for ANOTHER week! Have a great sunny (finger's crossed) weekend all. 

XOXO until Monday 

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  1. You are right about the London weather at last it has made the turn to summer. The Christine nail varnish is such a beautiful design and I can't wait to get hold of them. Your friends baby announcement cards are so sweet. Have a good weekend Lucy x