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Wednesday 9 April 2014

So Long Heels...

Last week I read an article with perhaps the saddest fashion announcement since that of the arrival of the clear bra straps craze...the heel is dead! 

Yes, heels can be so uncomfortable that you'd rather stick pins in your eyes than cram your toes into a pair... It's true, a night of stiletto strutting can end in that burning feeling in the balls of your feet that still pounds as you lay in bed hours after kicking them to the corner of your room...But, a great pair of heels flatter legs beyond belief, make any outfit miles more chic and most importantly instantly ignite that feeling of femininity, confidence and class. Something that I'm pretty sure a pair of brogues or slippers can't muster!

Having said that, after doing some research for inspirational images, I started to think that maybe the flats brigade are onto something...

See, maybe not quite so scary after all! 

As my research progressed I found that the death of heels was littered all over the AW14 catwalks at Milan Fashion Week, leaving it very hard to ignore! Take D&G's amazing enchanted forest themed collection showcasing a whole host of flats...there literally wasn't a heel in sight! 

However these weren't your average ballet pumps or brogues, these had of course been sprinkled with a hearty dose of D&G pizazz! There were pixie boots, t-bar sandals, knee high boots and open toe pumps encrusted to the max with reams of sequins, jewels & glitter, not forgetting the array of metallic hues, animal prints and multi textures adding an extra layer of fabulousness!! If that wasn't enough, they were all paired with super short shorts, heavily textured dresses, bejewelled playsuits and billowing fairytale maxis...this is how you do it girls!

As ever, us Mice are keen to embrace the trends and won't ever dismiss one until we've at least given it a crack! Plus there are definitely a fair few upsides to not having your foot wedged at a 180 degree angle for hours on on that note here are 3BM's top pick of flats which should be worn with pride and confidence (but most probably along side a few small sniffles of mourning for that fabulous heel!!)


Valentino Lace Pumps, £425



Zara Metallic Sandals, £29.99

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  1. I do LOVE the first two pics... but I kinda love my heels. I'll be buried in them before I give them up! xxx