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Wednesday 2 April 2014

3BM Beauty: Luscious Lashes

So you may remember our extreme excitement a few months ago when we received our MyLash / Latisse in the post. If not, shame on you but I'll forgive you this one time and let you speed read here!

So our thicken my brows and lengthen Middle Mouse's lashes. Something along these lines would be perfection....!!

I actually got so jealous part way through that I decided to apply to my lashes as's literally a mini pot of magic potion! 

We have now been applying religiously every night for the past 13 weeks...

...I'm not going to lie, we're impatient ones! We didn't see much change despite scrutinising one another most evenings whilst careful swiping the potion on. However make sure you persevere as the results are worth it in the end even if you're not seeing much improvement at this stage. 

Unfortunately I think my eyebrows are beyond repair...I have continued to apply but I haven't seen too much change apart from growing quicker where they already grow (and where I don't want them!) I really wanted to thicken my overall brow and close the gap between my brows slightly, however I have come to the conclusion that I have well and truly ruined that dream with serious underage overplucking...back to eyebrow pencil I think!

However our lash journey has been a completely different experience...we have both been left VERY impressed! I even decided to have my extensions removed after I saw the results on Middle Mouse, so I could get started immediately!

...are when you start to notice a real change yourself. If you're an eyelash curler and mascara girl you will be amazed how much longer and thicker your lashes suddenly seem when completing this part of your daily make up routine! I love the length on the outer corner lashes making them all appear even longer!

....were when other people commented and noticed the difference. We've both separately been asked if we've had lash extensions - you can only imagine how proud this moment made me of my natural stumpy lashes, especially usually being a self confessed addict of individual lash extensions!

We're still not quite at our lash optimum as the average grow cycle is 16 weeks so potentially it will only get better from here!! The one thing to remember is the magical powers of MyLash/Latisse will only work whilst using the product. As soon as you stop daily usage your lashes will go back to their natural growth hiss...we must get our next order in now!

If you don't believe us and want proof...see our before and after piccies below...



Easy peasy and now unfortunately we're very much obsessed!!! Definitely not one of those one minute wonders, this one really does make a huge difference and is so quick, easy and mess free to apply. A firm addition to the 3BM beauty must have list! 

It may be a slight nuisance to have to apply your magic potion every evening but the pay off is more than worth it...

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