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Friday 20 December 2013

The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Twas the weekend before Christmas... and we bursting with excitement but stressing about how much we still have to dooooo! It's that time again where we're manically wrapping up work whilst fighting horrendous hangovers, frantically buying those last minute stocking fillers yet still trying to find time to wash our entire wardrobe... you never know what the festive season may throw at you!

When we haven't been juggling numerous Christmas baubles baubles, The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Hunting down the perfect pair of Christmas pyjamas! It's very important that every year you have a brand new pair - they don't have to be covered in reindeer or Christmas trees, but they have to be special! This year I'm loving all the luxe cashmere and silks...this year we're thinking beyond the sleeping and more along the lines of lounging whilst opening endless presents and after consuming an almighty Christmas dinner and fifteen cheese course! ESSENTIAL purchase!!!

We've short listed our top picks, so get purchasing quick smart as you're running out of timeeee! 

Jack Wills...

Tank £16.50 and Leggings £29.50

Eberjey (can purchase from Net-a-Porter)...

Top £65 & Trousers £65


PJ Set, £30

Eberjay (can purchase from Net-a-Porter)...

PJ Set, £150

Donna Karen Sleepwear...

Jumper, £295

Rushing out to pick up the Christmas Radio Times so we can circle all the must see Specials!!! The actual circling isn't so much necessary, just more of a childhood habit! We knew Christmas was just around the corner when Mummy mouse came home and presented us with the official Christmas edition!

Rushing home from work excited to rip open the next parcel and unearth gift after gift, ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree! However this week I was the lucky one to receive a very exciting present of my own... a box of Mylash!

Now to set the scene...unfortunately I'm one of those children that took the tweezers to my brows unsupervised and as expected, the results weren't too kind! I would do anything to have those bushy caterpillars back again just so I can take them to a threader and gift myself the perfect set of arches!

No chance you might think....well I'm here to prove you pessimistic lot wrong!!

Mylash promises to be the wonder product which does just that! You simply need to apply it every day at the same time and within four weeks you will start to see the difference. It was Originally formulated to develop a luscious set of fluttery lashes, which from the rave reviews it seems it definitely does! If they've got Elle and Grazia on board, our vote is a given! The clinical test results won me over instantly...after 16 weeks lashes were 25% longer, 106% thicker and 18% darker...we all need this in our life now!

As I already have the best eyelash contact ever which has left me with the inability to kick the lash extension habit, it was actually the more recent eyebrow slant of Mylash that got my attention. The formula claims to work its magic on your brows as well...see fairy tales can come true! 

Well there's only one way to find out, especially before you all part with £100, and that's for Mini Mouse to turn Mini Guinea Pig and all for the love of the blog (and of course for my life long dream of brows รก la Cara D)! Middle Mouse will also be trialling this but will focus more on the lash side, so we can give you an all round review!

It's no speedy process so keep you're eyes peeled for updates with before, during and results pictures....exitingggggg stuff, watch this space!! 

That's all folks!

Here's to a happy Friday and a festive-filled weekend 

The Mice 

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