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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Andrew Edmunds Awesomeness...

We've raved about this beauty before but haven't done a full review as yet...which it definitely deserves! A firm favourite of all the mice, Andrew Edmunds is a cute little eatery and everything we love. Warm, cosy, friendly, littered with candles, not too expensive and unbelievably delicious!

Thankfully they haven't jumped on to the annoyingly trendy 'no reservations' bandwagon and take bookings up to 7 days in advance. I love this approach as it gets away from the forever frustrating month long waiting lists or a five hour wait on the night - which believe me would happen here! We actually tried to go to Barnyard - the brand new venture from the genius Ollie Dabbous...however no reservations meant a 2 hour wait on a Wednesday evening at half six?! Crazy!!!

Anyway back to our loyal Andrew Edmunds...located on Lexington street, a short hop skip from Oxford Street, you can't miss this gem...just look for the small restaurant where everyone looks happy in a candle lite glow and you'll be right on the money! 

I love the look of all the restaurants scattered along this cobbled avenue...Mildred's, Fernandez and Wells and Aurora are all on my list to try, however I know they will have nothing on the legendary Andrew Edmunds.

There are two small floors (if you can, ask for a table upstairs as I much prefer it) we got the prime window seat on my last visit where you just know you're the envy of everyone walking by!

Established in 1986, they know exactly what they're doing and stick to it...fuss free, top quality ingredients with incredible flavours and a killer wine list. What more could you ask for? 

The quaint food menu is hand written each day and they'll let you in on the specials on the night if you ask very nicely! 

The service style is very open and relaxed as if you're at a friend's place for a casual kind of place!

I've never ever been disappointed with anything I've ordered and my latest visit was no exception to this. To start I went for the rare seared tuna with a citrus dressing...

My friend opted for wild mushrooms and shaved percornio 
on toasted brioche...

For main I fell for the butternut squash, spinach and goats cheese brik on a bed of roasted sweet peppers and lambs lettuce...

And grilled sea bream, jersey royals on a bed of fennel, red onion & olive salad...

All washed down by a bottle of Pouilly Fume and a big portion of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream!!! 
Fatties or what?!?! 

With a £85 bill for two people, 3 courses and a bottle of wine off we rolled for a final nightcap at the cosy Edition Hotel! Perfect spot with super comfy sofas you literally sink into and huge glasses of wine you almost lose yourself in! Perfect evening I would say!!!

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