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Friday 28 February 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Oh Hello Friday! We're so very pleased to see you!

Well, particularly two thirds of us, namely those cramming the last couple of bikinis in an already overstuffed case, zipping to Heathrow, hopping on a plane and shouting... 

Unfortunately, the other third is forlornly sitting in Hong Kong screwing up her eyes, clicking her heels together three times and muttering "there's no place like Barbados" only to open her eyes and realise that there are no dazzling white beaches and crashing turquoise seas in front of her, only...


But, when all's said and done, it's still Friday which is basically the start of a miniature holiday and a Pina Colada is still a Pina Colada even if you are drinking it on your sofa in a onesie... (in case you're after a recipe here's our very fav almost guilt-free version - the chia seeds have to cancel the rum out right?!)

When we haven't been tropical holiday dreaming, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Placing our bets on who'll wear what at this year's Oscars. I don't think it's any secret that we get a little giddy over a good gown, so Awards Season is basically our idea of heaven on a red carpet... And the Oscars is the pinnacle. 

So far this year, we've swooned over the SAGs, gone gaga over the Globes and now we're just too, too excited to see what the A-list will be cruising the carpet in on Sunday. We'll be up bright and early on Monday morning to pore over each and every diamond and bead adorning Hollywood's leading ladies, but in the meantime, we've been wagering on who we think our favourite gals of the season will be donning for the big night. So far we're thinking...

J-Law will obviously be Christian Dior-ed as always. But with a distinct lack of floor sweepers in the Spring '14 Couture collection, we're wondering whether Jen will be wearing a hot off the catwalk AW '14 RTW creation (we'll be keeping a beady eye on the gowns shown this afternoon) or a modified version of one of the shorter Couture numbers. We'd love to see her in a full length version of this frothy beauty...

Alternatively, this red and white column dress has Lawrence written all over it...

Was Zac Posen subliminally shouting "Pick me, pick me!" in New York when he sent a Lupita-alike down the runway in this burnt amber ballgown? This season has shown that fashion and film's newest darling, Lupita N'yongo, loves a bit of colour blocked simplicity and this dress with the right accessories could be the perfect backdrop to a golden statuette...   

We've never had Amy Adams down as a best-dressed list topper before, but so far this year she's wowed time and time again. From that Valentino navel grazer (complete with matching cape) to her Bafta's Victoria Beckham Gothic glam, Amy's been consistently dazzling. For her Awards Season crescendo? Well, his violet Elie Saab gown would have us weak at the knees. With her auburn hair, this colour would be delicious and we adore the Grecian side cape detail...

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Sampling scrumptious sips and suppers at a myriad of hot-off-the-press Hong Kong openings. It's been a pretty jam-packed week as far as trying out new restaurants and bars has gone. From haute-tapas to French dim sum with more than a few cocktails in between, we've basically been on a mission to eat and drink as much deliciousness as humanly possible. We'll be penning full reviews of French fancy, La Grande Bouffe, and Latin lovely, Zafran  super soon - so keep those peepers peeled! 

In the meantime, for Friday night tipples we'd highly recommend a dangerously stiff cocktail or six at secret speakeasy, Stockton

Image via:

Maximal Concepts' latest opening would be impossible to find unless you knew whee you were going, and after a couple of knock-you-sideways concoctions you may well need help finding your way back out onto Wyndham Street... With a low lit loungy feel, we genuinely can't think of a better place in Hong Kong to settle into a leather arm chair and sip away the week's worries. We love the Bitter Bitch - a gin-based slap around the face in a martini glass.

1/F, 32 Wyndham Street, 
Hong Kong
Be sure to book ahead: +852 2565 5268 

And if you'e looking for a little weekend yumspiration, grab your chopsticks and head for dim sum with a dash of ooh la la at Man Mo Cafe.

Image via:

East meets West, fusion cuisine, blah, blah, blah... So often "innovative" new twists on classics aren't nearly as clever as they think they are. Man Mo Cafe however, is genuinely brilliant. 

Bringing together chefs of Robuchon and Din Tai Fung alumni; taking the traditional dim sum favourites and pimping them up with a bit of foie gras here and a little fast food there, results in some seriously mouthwatering bites of amazingness. Be sure to order in the Burgerbun - a beefy version of the BBQ Pork Bun which comes with its very own mini, squeeze bottle of burger sauce - and the foie gras xiaolongbao - quite frankly the best thing we've eaten for a very long while! The cocktails aren't half bad either...

Man Mo Cafe
40 Upper Lascar Row (Cat St), 
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong
+852 2644 5644

And on that note, those of us not on a long haul flight are off to oggle at all the pretty things being sent down the runways in Paris and then consume our own bodyweight in gin & tonics!

Until next week...

The Mice

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