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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Camisole-Crushing: Cami NYC

So we're off to New York in a couple of weeks time and if you hadn't got the memo yet, we're a liiiiitle bit excited! Ever since Christmas we've been madly making lists of places to eat, drink and shop, cruising NYC blogs and watching Sex & The City re-runs day and night… Things are getting to a fever pitch level! 

The only slight niggle? Wardrobe angst… It's freezing and snowy in New York right now and we're guessing it's going to stay that way, so what're a bunch of Mice let loose in New York supposed to do when they want to stay cosy but keep chic? The conclusion we're swiftly coming to is layer. We figure the only solution is lots of pretty pieces that can be stripped off when you're somewhere warm with cocktails and stacked back on when we're engulfed back into the big bad freezing cold outdoors. So we've got to thinking about what pretty pieces we can pop under our cocoons of cashmere and coats and long windy scarves and we think we may just have found the answer to all our fashion dilemmas…Cami NYC.   

This New York brand stocks a range of some of the most delicious camisoles we've ever clapped eyes on. Perfect with a blazer and skinny leather trousers for dinner out, great for prettifying jeans and an oversized-cardi or super slinky with a pencil skirt and stilettos for a night that's bound to end in a few too many martinis. We want them all and we want them NOW!

Original Cobalt

Leather Black

High Top Nude

Racer Black




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