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Friday 18 October 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been

It's F...F...F...Frrrriday!
And my God are we ready for two whole days of drinking too many cocktails, dancing on tables and sleeping until lunchtime! We've just got a few more office-bound hours to get through and then we're free! 

So, go grab a coffee and something disgustingly calorific - we're here to distract you from deadlines and dull emails for the next five minutes with tales of the last seven days in Mouseland. This week the Mice have mostly been...
Jangling our bangles following the delivery of our new Whistles wrist candy. We're huge fans of this London high street store in general, but we are particularly partial to the very awesome Whistles accessories collection. We raved about our first Whistles bangle purchase in one of our very first This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been back in February 2012. Fast forward a year and a half, we've added a couple more bangles to our collection and we're still raving!

This season's purchase was three stacking bangles in mixed metals, wear them solo or all at once - snap them up here, here and here for a bargainous £20 a piece!
Blubbing our way through Richard Curtis' brand new masterpiece, About Time. We laughed, we cringed, we ahh-ed, we sobbed...Take our word for it, this may just be the best Richard Curtis film yet. It's better than Four Weddings, better than Notting Hill, and even better than Love Actually...  if you haven't seen it, book your tickets pronto.
Not sold? Here's a sneaky peek...

Taking Beach Bumming to the next level and discovering what we think might just be Hong Kong's best beach...

As last weekend was a long weekend in the 852 and because the weather was stunningly beautiful, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to fill our Kindles with good books (more on that soon), pack up a picnic and venture out to find some new sunbaking spots.
Misson accomplished! 
We were going to keep our new favourite beach a secret, but that seems a little bit mean so... if you're in Hong Kong and looking for a beautiful and relatively uncrowded beach, the smart choice has to be Long Ke. Perched up in the New Territories, a couple of bays round from Tai Long Wan, this is a pristine crescent of sugary golden sand sandwiched between a forest of pine trees and crashing turquoise waves. Actually, you probably wouldn't like it, you definitely shouldn't go... 

And that's your lot! Get back to looking busy while surreptitiously buying shoes (might we point you in the direction of the Kurt Geiger website where you just have to tap in 'STS20' at the checkout to get a 20% discount on all new season stock...) and before you know it will be 6pm and Gin & Tonic O'clock!


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