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Monday 21 October 2013

On The 3BM iPod: Lulu James

Another weekend bites the dust and Monday has swung back round again before you can say Sunday blues! I have decided this week rather than trudging to work sad and depressed, I will instead feel lucky that I have a cosy Whistles coat keeping the cold out and a job allowing me to purchase such a number! To support our new positive outlook and accompany the dreaded 6am Monday commute, we of course need the perfect soundtrack! I bring you....Lulu James!

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Think soulful disco mixed with a house vibe, hints of tribal beats and energetic electro flares, all topped off with amazing over the top outfits for her videos! It's tricky to place into a music genre which makes her even more appealing - she has a quirky style, a beautiful look and her tracks are all catchy from the word go. 

Step by Step has the feel of a modern day Diana Ross with it's unusual diva house combo, Sweetest thing is paired back yet upbeat making it very easy listening, Be Safe has a darker ambiance with soulful lyrics mixed up with an lively electro drumbeat backing and finally my other favourite Closer, immediately catchy with a mix of R&B, funk and electro dominating the track!

Take a listen to the below and get that brand new Monday spring into your step!!!

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