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Friday 3 February 2012

This Week the Mice have Mostly Been…

Kicking off the Mice’s weekly round-up of our latest likes, dislikes and obsessions, Natalie’s this week I’ve mostly been...

Listening to the new Lana Del Rey album.

Has she had her lips done? Is she masquerading as an indie artist while the record executives pull the strings? Has her billionaire father bankrolled her? Was she wearing a wig during her (perhaps a little odd) Saturday Night Live performance? Can we forget all that and just focus on the music?

Released on Monday after six months of hype, the critics have generally totally panned Lana Del Rey’s debut. I’m going to buck the trend though, and say I like it. A lot. My top tracks are Diet Mountain Dew, Off to the Races and National Anthem. I’m also still loving Video Games (undoubtedly the album’s stand out track) even after its been on repeat on my iPod since the summer.

If you haven’t already, go and download it now, if only so you can make up your own mind after actually having listened to the music and not just the backlash.

Wearing my brand new Whistles Noemi bangles.

I’m totally obsessed with Whistles jewellery at the moment. I got given the Seed Ring by one of my besties for my Birthday and have been pretty much wearing it non-stop ever since. A couple of weeks ago the Splash cocktail ring was featured in Sunday Times Style and I couldn’t resist snapping it up along with two of the Noemi studded gold bangles. These beauties look much more expensive than they are (£20 each) and are perfect for toughening up spring’s candy-hued, pastel palette so that you don’t look too saccharine.

Lusting after these incredible Giuseppe Zanotti sky-blue, sky-high platform pumps.

Putting me a little in mind of those Vivienne Westwood platforms, I love everything about these gorgeous, 6 inch heels. A great way to add some new season punch to trusty wardrobe staples.

Avoiding unpacking after an amazing trip to Vietnam over Chinese New Year.

There’s nothing more depressing than getting home after a great holiday with a case full of half empty suncream bottles and sandy clothes that need unpacking. Nothing for it but to cram the week full of dinners and drinks and parties - delay the inevitable.

Trip report to follow very soon…

Planning my next getaway.

Nothing cures holiday blues faster than getting the next trip booked. Roll on Easter!

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