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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Re-imagine With Rob Ryan...

Dear Rob Ryan,

I'm sure you get tonnes of fan mail everyday, but I wanted to write to you personally to let you know that the 3 Bad Mice are your biggest fans! 

We love everything about your work - the nostalgia, the elaborate simplicity, the tradition and most of all, the bittersweet romanticism. If we could we'd snap up every single work of art you've ever produced from your charming alphabet shopper bags to your beautiful laser cut prints to your sweeter than sweet ceramic drink mats. 

We know how very busy you are creating your masterpieces, so we won't be sitting at home awaiting your reply. Just know that we love you! 

The Mice x

...Yup, we heart Rob Ryan and have for some while now. As you know I recently turned the dreaded 3-0 but to soften the blow I was treated Rob Ryan style by my dear school friends. As mentioned above RR creates these gorgeous ceramic drink coasters (RRP £26) - HK mouse bought myself and Mini Mouse one each a few Christmases ago so we've known about them for a little while. 

Check out some of our fav designs below... 

However it hadn't occurred to me that with a little bit of imagination, mount, glass and a chunky modern frame you could transform each tile into its very own work of art...

Embrace your inner Rob Ryan and get creative!

Special thanks goes to Sally, Denise, Jules & Maureen x

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